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Soaking in natures beauty in the Nilgiris and recharging our batteries Dont think theres anything that inspires and relaxes me at the same time the way nature does
Setting things up for a special lunch tomorrow Coming to the hills in spring is so lovely, you get to see the most beautiful flowers all around. They make for the best decor, and doing an arrangement or two is almost a ritual now :)
Spent some time experimenting with pastels again today, a rather intimidating medium when I started but so fun once you start to loosen up and go with the flow
Experiments with pastels Made a total mess but you cannot work with pastels and not expect a mess
Some colour for the feed and to wish you all a very happy Holi ..#happyholi #holi2024
Portrait of a flower .#studio #painting
Favourite thing to do #painting #studio
Prepping for the next thing. Also new things
Been wanting to start painting on canvas since a while now and today I finally took out this board I bought 4 years back, my stash of acrylic paints, 2 half decent flat brushes and got started. What do you think ? ..#painting #acrylicartwork
The days I paint are the days I get lost and lose track of time. Warming up for a new collection, so many exciting ones planned for this year, I really wish I had more hours in a day and more days in a year.
Happy New Year! 2023 for us was a year of change, we moved our home, our warehouse, our office, spent almost a month in a different part of the world. We were hit by challenges we did not know we could overcome, but all they did was make us stronger. Heres to a better tomorrow, to taking small s...
A roundup of some of my 2023 artworks. The pile keeps growing You might have seen some, some never made the cut, some I had forgotten about and some are yet to come out as products :)..#2023roundup #paintings #artwork