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#News Indian pop sensation Ritviz and Pakistan's pop-R&B star Hasan Raheem have teamed up for their new track, Mehrbaan, released on June 21, 2024. Ritviz, known for his blend of traditional and modern sounds, and Hasan Raheem, celebrated for his soulful voice, bring their talents together in thi...
Musicians and music lovers across India shared their struggles with problematic arrangements and productions at various venues at musical events in India. We heard their challenges firsthand and now were sharing them with you. Like someone in the comments said, this is a very important conversati...
#TIMDVisuals Jaipurs rising rapper, Hardbone Boy, releases his latest single Nadi in collaboration with 5.5 Records. Moving away from the intense lyrics of previous hits like Deepak Free Verse and Teetar, this track explores storytelling rap, addressing the issue of slut-shaming in his community....
#InConversationWith 22 year-old Somansh Sharmas studio is an eclectic place with walls adorned by a framed poster of JPEGMAFIA, eccentric art, a psychedelia inspired tapestry, and Hindi comics with names like Chandkal Ki Waapsi surrounding his equipment it has all the characteristics of a promi...
#Featured Indias leading B2B music industry conference, All About Music (AAM), is set to return for its 8th edition this August. The conference, known for bringing together industry professionals for discussions and networking, has unveiled an impressive lineup of speakers for the event. Taking p...
#TIMDVisuals Zikar Hai is a heartfelt collaboration between popular composer and YouTuber Arjuna Harjai, and multi-faceted Pakistani artist Natasha Noorani. This pop single features a catchy hook and compelling melodies, showcasing Arjunas growth as an artist.Now based in Leamington, UK, the Indi...
#Review Partha Pratim Das, or Rocky Glock, is one of Guwahatis most famous exports to the Desi Hip-Hop scene. While he has released a number of singles and collaborations, this is only his sophomore album, it is evident that the artist is already secure in his soundscape. Using auto-tuned vocals,...
Despite the indie music scenes growth, many artists face challenges with poor venue quality and subpar production standards. Issues like inadequate sound systems and logistical problems make it hard to maintain high performance standards. What are your experiences and how have you navigated throu...
#News Prateek Kuhad is set to begin the India leg of his Silhouettes Tour from November 8 to December 22, 2024. The tour will cover ten major cities, including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kolkata, Guwahati, Indore, and Ahmedabad. Known for his soulful melodies and evocati...
#Watch At the recent Karnivool gig in Mumbai, the anticipation was palpable as fans waited for the band to take the stage. In a spontaneous display of enthusiasm, the crowd erupted into a collective rendition of System of a Downs iconic Chop Suey. This unexpected sing-along highlighted the energe...
#InConversationWith Meghan Katti describes himself as a multifaceted creative force which is quite apt considering he is a renowned director, director of photography (DOP), editor, creative director, and photographer. He has been working for a long time now, having collaborated with artists such ...
#Callback On a walk in my hometown, along a narrow road that lines a railway track, last year, I listened to Lifafas Jaago by Lifafa aka Suryakant Sawhney. Admittedly, I have been late to the magic of the album. It was already 4 years old by then, and I had finally admitted to myself that music i...