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Lets keep this going! Tag people you want to hear from on the podcast!
Lay it on me! Where should GunCon go for 2024?
Looks like @windhamweaponryinc is closing!
Shawns patch wall is that of legend. @dangerousfreedomyt @welikeshooting
Our Tenacity blend from @blackoutcoffeeco is a medium dark roast that doesnt fuck around with acidity and offers a boost of extra caffeine. Try it at
When you try to look cool and then realize the free-shit box is about to get pulled out. @theguncamp was well worth the detour. I dont have everyones IG so lets see if they comment haha.
Easily one of my favorite places in Kansas. @joeboboutfitters is a great place to check out! Also, shout out to Devin Y!
How do you guys feel about budget optics on expensive guns?
The 590S got a couple upgrades!
This oughta be really interesting. A comedian, a rock star and a gun guy.
How does a Gucci Glock stack up in 2023?
Would you?