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These roasted green beans and potatoes are absolutely flavour blasted with spices and a lemony pesto dressing. Nice lil side! New recipe on my site of course yay
Lemony shaved fennel and asparagus salad with farro and white beans . Ready in 30, zippy lil shallot lemon dressing, pistachios, chives, and all the papery thin slices you can handle. Recipe linked!
My current lunch fixation that really packs the veg! Its a very finely chopped (spoonable ) kale cabbage salad with sweet mustard dressing, chickpeas and avocado. I prep this on Sunday and enjoy for the next few days! Mega thank you to @pinchofyum for sharing this food processor chopping move. Th...
Creamy dreamy mushroom asparagus orzo is a comfy vegan spring supper that cooks up in 30! My fave part is whisking in the Dijon, lemon & miso flavour bomb at the end . Linked it in my profile for you of course
10 ingredients in 30 minutes Sometimes simple is best! The crunchy sweet snap peas, peppery radish, miso lemon dressing, toasty almonds a spring salad dream! (I am looking at snow in my yard as I type this ). Recipe in my prof!
New one! Inspired by pilaf/pilaw, this one pot rice and veggies is fragrant, loaded with spices and chickpeas, and gorgeously drizzled with a dilly tahini sauce to make it extra nice. Linked the recipe!
New 30 min meal just dropped . Creamy vegan gnocchi skillet with pesto, lentils and broccoli rabe is cozy-comfy with a good dose of green veg. Love ya, linked it
The muffin recipe that I really wanted to share today still needs a few tweaks, oops! So let me distract you with my fave, classic vegan carrot muffins recipe. No raisins, nuts or coconut here! Just tender orange, vanilla and cinnamon-scented carrot goodness. And yes, they really are MOIST. Recip...
Ranch and buffalo sauce forever and ever . Vegan ranch slaw is crisp and creamy, buffalo tofu bits are crunchy and spicy. Its that comforting flavour combo in a plant-based protein and veggie-filled package that really does it for me Linked this new recipe for you!
Ginger sweet potato coconut milk stew with lentils and kale! A pantry-friendly TFM fave thats perfect for a wintery weekend . The music in this video truly lowers my cortisol every time haha. Linked the post for ya. Happy stew Sunday Have you tried this recipe?
Hi babe . Its pizza night and Ive got the salad dialled in recipe linked!
New on the blog: vegan truffle mac with crunchy kale bits on top. A luscious, comforting pasta that magically contains 7 veg . Recipe linked for you!