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Comment RECIPE for this Grilled Brie & Raspberry Hot Honey which pairs perfectly w/ @imagerywinery Chardonnay! Dunk slices of grilled baguette into grilled brie for an easy yet sophisticated appetizer! Happy #nationalwineday!INGREDIENTS:RaspberriesHabanero peppersHoneyWhite wine vinegarFlaky sea ...
SAVE this tip from @confidenceuncorked for the next time you open a bottle of wine!Why should you store your wine in a mason jar? Wine corks are porous, and allow air to enter the bottle. Furthermore, storing wine in the bottle exposes the wine to more oxygen. Storing the wine in a mason jar crea...
ITS NATIONAL PALOMA DAY!!!!! Who prefers Palomas over Margaritas?? If you dont think there is a difference between the two, then youre wildly mistaken. The Paloma and Margarita both contain tequila, lime, and salt but thats where the similarities end. Margaritas are typically flavored with an ora...
Kicking off the Summer of Spritz with @the.boozy.gingers Raspberry Limoncello Spritz This simple spritz combines freshly muddled raspberries with limoncello and a splash of prosecco. The tart flavor & effervescence will keep you coming back for more.INGREDIENTS:Fresh raspberries1 1/2 ounces limo...
Got extra citrus on hand? @michaeltchao juices leftover limes, then freezes it into ice cubes. The lime cubes make the perfect addition to cocktails and mocktails alike! Visit thefeedfeed.com/cocktails for drinks to enjoy with these and follow @thefeedfeed for more.#feedfeed #limes #citrus #lowwa...
Peach Tea gets upgraded with a splash of homemade Agave Lime Syrup. This easy recipe is so refreshing on hot days!Comment RECIPE to have @hungryforhistorys recipe sent to your inbox and keep tagging #feedfeed for a chance to be featured.#feedfeed #peach #tea #recipes #mocktails #reels
Pineapple Coconut Mockarita Follow @dedetable for more Forgot margaritas, this mockarita is the new drink on the block. With it beginning to feel like Summer, this mockarita is both parts refreshing and delicious. Its made with 4 simple ingredients and tastes like a day on the beach. SAVE the re...
Chocolate Cake Jell-O Shots @the_hunger_diaries layers boozy hazelnut @jello and lemon @jello in hollowed out lemons. Garnish with a mixture of lemon zest & sugar. Get the full recipe @thefeedfeed link in bio and keep tagging #feedfeed for a chance to be featured.#jello #easyrecipe #lemon #vodka...
Cucumber Ice Cubes by @makefoodlovely are a delightful addition to sparkling water or gin & tonics. HOW TO:1. Thinly slice a cucumber.2. Roll the cucumber slices into a rose formation. Add to a large ice cube tray.3. Fill with water and freeze until solid.#feedfeed #cocktails #howto #easyrecipe #...
Its #trendingtuesday and @alexawhatsfordinner is finally making Dirty Martini Dip. This easy recipe has a base mixture of cream cheese, sour cream, and goat cheese, and is spiked with a touch of gin or vodka. Tag a friend who needs to try this and get the recipe below. Keep tagging #feedfeed for ...
Making coffee using a Moka Pot is easier than you might think! Feedfeeds @lmsthompson taught herself how to make it, and you should learn too. Since its invention in 1933, the moka pot has been a favorite among household coffee makers. It delivers a strong coffee flavor similar to espresso and it...
When we posted our Pickle Martini with dill-pickle infused vodka, everyone told us to make a Pickle Caesar Cocktail with the leftover infused booze. Today, were sharing the Canadian cocktail recipe that is reminiscent of a bloody mary, and would make a delicious addition to Easter brunch.Get the ...