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slapping the skins, making it groovy
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A Beat to Rest is a short film, written and directed by me, about an elderly jazz drummer forced to come to terms with his aging after a bandmate suggests he retire. Visit the link in my bio to learn more!!
Milton by my band @nematode.bandThis song was originally written and recorded with the legend @jemmuck and its easily the most nuanced track in the discography. Im constantly working on trying to lock this one in, and find a balance between his style and mine. Were getting there@meinlcymbals @v...
Tinkerbell with the queen @scarletfiorellaa. Love love love playing this one. The groove just sits in them pockets. The single is dropping next week, so be sure to check her out and pre-save it @meinlcymbals @vicfirth @ludwigdrumshq @remopercussion @bigfatsnaredrum @lowboybeaters
stumbled upon this little lickwhat do we think? Also, this @ludwigdrumshq Supraphonic is so warm and sensitive and gorgeous, like wow
flam business is fun business..@meinlcymbals // @vicfirth // @lowboybeaters
focused only on the hi hat, really finding that shaker feel, and letting the melody fall naturally this is all that matters to me like 98% of the time anymore. And will probably be doing so forever...@meinlcymbals // @vaterdrumsticks // @bigfatsnaredrum // @officialtamadrums // @lowboybeaters
is back again!
is back
groovin to Milton with my boys in @nematode.band ill post more now maybe
Jamming to the new @nematode.band single Stone Age last night at Arlenes.
Hey all! Long time no see! Heres some studio footage from like 2 years ago, when I recorded the new @pariusband album over at @machinejk76 s studio. This song is The Acid Lakes of Gaymede. The full video is up on my YT! And if you havent done so yet, please go check out the album! Even though the...