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Everything in life comes down to a decision and the the decision to move out of your comfort zone to learn new skills is part of self-improvement dont you agree? #DevinaKaur PS- You can read more in my books and articles! As well as check out my courses on ! Thanks. https...
On episode 1 of The Show, we interviewed Author/Entrepreneur and RBC's Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award Winner (2019) #DevinaKaur. Head over to our YouTube channel to learn about her journey as an immigrant, settlement challenges, and her advice for #newcomers and #prospective imm...
It can be hard to look in the mirror and see a tired, wrinkled, gray haired reflection of yourself looking in the mirror.But if we shift our perspective on what getting older means, we will definitely learn to embrace the #aging process ie feel SEXY & BRILLIANT dont you agree? New book coming s...
Firstly, I want to mention that in life, there are no wrong decisions only choices. Secondly , When our creative energy is not channeled, worry, insecurity and uncertainty take over. When we look at life from an impersonal point of view and channel our creative genius it brings clarity which resu...
Sometimes things get rough before you can bring in peace. Be patient #DevinaKaur
What if we trust the process#DevinaKaur
The only species on Earth who have to pay their way to survive and yes all of we are bombarded with bills and invoices and so often I wonder is there a way to get ahead of the chains & binds of the system we live in???I am staying hopeful and I hope you do too.Please read, enjoy and like my late...
Its up to you to stay at a high vibration level because you know you deserve better.#DevinaKaur #SexyBrilliant #AuthorDevinaKaur
Read something that stuck with me: Each of us is personally more responsible for becoming more ethical than the society we grew up in. The above resonated with me so I am making it my mission in the new year & beyond What about you? Any big goals for the new year? Wishing you a very happy new yea...
My latest for @timesofindia on mental health! The Times of India is one of Indias leading newspapers with over 1 millions daily subscribers. Link-
You deserve abundance.You deserve nice things.You deserve love.You deserve romance.You deserve to be unapologetically happy.#DevinaKaur
Thank you Erin for the shout out! PS - enjoy @thedevinakaur books on AmazonLink- @withregram @smalltownveghead @thedevinakaur Devina Kaur! @thefourseasonsmontreal #thefourseasons #devinakaur #montreal #montrealbookstore #authordevinakaur #sex...