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I had a good time figuring out this design, what to include, what goes where, etc. and Im so excited to show it to you. Being creative is my self care and this one felt good to draw, it feels ever better to have completed it so I could share it with you. Love you weirdos.
I wanted to let you know that ALL MONTH LONG Im having a good time (swipe for more info) and since SOMEONE likes to bury these types of posts, I appreciate any and all engagement and shares. Youre the best and ily
This pickle is proud of you!
I know weve talked about this a bit but lets revisit it. Ive been significantly less active on Crybaby lately and we all know that. Ive explained a bit about losing my steam during all that was 2020 and now coming back feeling changed and not knowing how to keep the momentum going after such a bi...
Im cleaning out some inventory and I have great news you get to help me! Check stories for links to the dealios.
Something kinda fun is afoot (aka in the s h o p)
Is this just a cute random skull?Is it a hint for a secret project?Who knows?!
Get in losers, were going reading! For the last couple of years, Im sure youve noticed that Ive taken a few steps back from creating art. What you may have missed was me taking a few steps toward another passion of mine - reading. Creative burnout is no fun and I was struggling with it for a long...
I learned a few things today:1) I have 100 members on patreon 2) I know how to draw gold foil balloonsIn the same vein of my last post, while I seem to have leaned away from creating, I have really been leaning more towards patreon, trying to mindfully create there instead of mindlessly posting h...
We dont have to be enemies but we dont have to be friends. Think of all the time and energy you will have for activities when you can stop pretending to care about people you secretly dislike/hate. Im personally not interested in playing the game anymore. I actually didnt know I was even playing ...
Im a simple gal.