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It's been a while since I've shared anything here as I've been busy working in my business @kitsunecreativeco and helping other brands to come to life online!Yesterday I launched a project that I LOVED and I know you will too - a beautiful ecommerce website for a new Australian medicinal mushroom...
Attn: anyone back at work today and not quite feeling those happy Monday vibes @wittyidiot
I love these! Self care doesn't need to be complicated; taking joy in the little things and small steps or improvements each day lead to big results! @abbierenillustration
I NEED a clean and organised space to be able to function - who else?This New Years Eve I spent the day clearing old some old things and super cleaning the house; I love starting the year with fresh energy! @maryamhasnaa
2020.For once, the world became quiet and took a pause.Despite all of the worry, panic, heartache, uncertainty, the groups of some people screaming amongst themselves (and on social media) like a pack of wild Gibbons or tantrum throwing toddlers, and the survival instincts of hunting down the las...
It's definitely been a year. If you're lucky enough to be on a Christmas holiday break, free yourself from the expectations of always needing to be busy. Take some time just to enjoy the joy of doing absolutely nothing - I am!
Happy Holidays! Whether you're fortunate enough to celebrate with loved ones this year, making the most of a quiet isolation time or however you're celebrating I hope you're enjoying lots of guilt free, soul nourish food, fun and also taking the time to rest and indulge in some self care too!
...but in all seriousness - learn to accept compliments!
Saturday morning relaxing One thing I notice about short flights is how much I really am able to focus and relax and read books and magazines and just think about life. Then also how much more refreshed, energised and excited for my life I am with fresh ideas about health, routine and work. Not f...