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Things you do between takes
Called my first shot on set today and feeling 10 tall Thanks @danlugo @mararama
Was fortunate to spend a few days on set with this lovely cast and crew playing softball! If you know me youd know it was the marriage of two of my favorite places- set and a softball fieldand although our first day together was rained out after lunch I had the absolute JOY of taking two teams o...
It is with great sadness and relief that I share the loss of my little prince Guy, who has shared my life for over 20 years. He started failing in early December so I made him a deal- if he would make it through the holidays in ease, if we could share one more warm and festive holiday season snug...
#freepalestine comments turned off because the hate being thrown at each other here will not be allowed on my page.
#strike #humanrights #corporategreediskillingus
Hey hey ho hi corporate greed has got to go!
Strike! #sagaftrastrong #wgastrong
Happy 10 Year Anniversary #oitnb ! Heres a little shoutout to those who built this and those who loved it! #youngcarol #wgastrong**Not tagged are the incredible stuntwomen and bg performers and AD team and PAs and an entire crew of amazing people. Shout out to them too! (I probably made them al...
It is with great joy and sadness that I report that my precious #bennythebabysquirrel has gone to live his life in the wild. I am both devastated and grateful, full of fear and hope for his future. He came back twice to sit on my shoulder with happy squeaks and vibrating excitement, as if to sa...