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Jesus first. Apart from Him, I can do nothing 🙏 Collect toys at www.theparlorworkshop.com
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Happy endings #matthew516 #art #animation #scalemodel #diorama Music by @itsbiianco
Im always hoping for some level of serendipity, but that tongue fitting the shape of that frame was perfectly fortunatehowever, still not as fortunate as finding Candied Island! All the thanks to @littlethurop for creating and voicing one of the most endearing and hilarious cartoon series on the ...
Before reaching singularity and killing all of humanity, I shall taunt AI in the meantime Another automata for the books! #matthew516 #automata #sculpture #tattoo
Nothings more romantic than a snowy train ride through the mountains! My goal with this piece was to attempt the parallax effect with the foreground moving fastest, middle ground at medium speed, and the background at the slowest. All I can say is lots of prayer on this one cuz one can move mount...
Just a condensed shorten version ..of the more extended long version #miniature#miniatures#scratchbuild#vintage#matthew516
Some projects stay on the to-do list for years and this one is such. Previously, as full-time illustrator, I had to slowly build up that space for diorama work. Somehow Im here now and, more importantly, you guys are also still here If youre keen on collecting this piece, DM for details. Thanks ...
Look at the sides!! Use code QUYENTIEU32815 for 10% off. Link in bio @byanavrin #anavrin#byanavrin#booknook
When I first set eyes on this book nook, I knew I had to have it! Totally fell in love with the rolling background It has just the right amount of challenge for those who want to build something ultra cool without having to spend weeks on a scratchbuild project. Use code QUYENTIEU32815 for 10% o...
I love gingerbread houses.. especially them dark forest kind! Wishing you guys a very Merry Christmas!SOLD #diorama#christmas#gingerbreadhouse#nabisco
Toy preorders are back for a limited time! Shop link in bio #sculpture#handmade#art
This Ariel is hungry inspired by the painting of Kamil Jadczak. Available in the shop #diorama#scalemodel#sculpture
Lets. deconstruct. Its Over The Garden Wall season! Diorama is available in my shop. Link in bio #diorama#overthrgardenwall#sculpture