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Founded 1904 for the Scientific Exploration of Land Sea Air Space
First to North South Poles Summit of Everest and Moon
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Much to the apex predator of the sea
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In 2023, our GLEX Summit gathered dozens of outstanding speakers from around the world who stand at the cutting edge of field science and exploration.This year, we return to the marvelous stage of Terceira, a volcanic island at the heart of the Azores, whose capital Angra is a listed UNESCO World...
Announcing The Explorers Club 50 Class of 2024; fifty people changing the world that the world needs to know about. These 50 individuals are exploring, inspiring, and creating the futurethe future of the planet, life upon it, and the boundless possibilities that await us all.This year's EC50 hono...
One week until we kick off @nyfw and Lunar New Year with Roots Studio and their recent collection Bok Joy which was co-created with Indigenous artists in Asia to showcase the brilliance of Indigenous craft and regenerative agriculture in what we wear. Head to the link in our bio to find out how t...
Join The Explorers Club on Monday, February 5th to learn about the history of Black aviation and the heroes fighting for equality and inclusion in the skies.From the courageous and inspiring Bessie Coleman, who soared into history as the first African-American woman to earn a pilot's license, to ...
Oh to be on expedition floating in the Caribbean Sea, waving an Explorers Club Flag in the tropical Breeze ...What wouldn't we trade to ditch our desks and be in the field right now
This morning we woke up to snow at headquarters for the first time in two years. Even our snowmen wear Explorers Club buttons for such special occasions!
Today officially marks 100 days until The Explorers Club's 2024 Annual Gala. Join us at this year's cosmic ballet for an unforgettable evening of otherworldly enchantment. Tickets are selling out quickly, so head to the link in our bio to grab yours before they are lightyears away
Josh Gates is adventure television. Over the course of a two-decade career, he has become every dads favorite reality TV star less by solving ancient mysteries and more by getting endlessly excited by them. writes @vultureBlind optimism, gleaned from the annals of Explorers Club history, is the d...
Wishing our members around the globe a Happy Christmas and a warm holiday season! We hope you enjoy these festive, cozy snaps of Headquarters (before it was Headquarters) circa the 1920s! We cant wait for everyone to join us back around the fireplace in 2024
Did you know The Explorers Club funded over 98 field projects in 44 countries this year? Our explorers are able to make an impact on every continent, in every ocean, and even outer space - and when you support our mission, so do you.Help us keep up this mission-critical work in 2024 (and beyond) ...
With 74 years and a little luck, lost EC Flag #98 found its way back to our NYC Headquarters this past week. To celebrate its monumental homecoming, we headed down to Wall Street earlier today to open the New York Stock Exchange. In 1939, Admiral Richard Byrd flew Explorers Club Flag #98 on exped...
Our NEW book The Explorers Club: A Visual Journey Through the Past, Present, and Future of Exploration is back in stock at The Explorers Club Outfitters Its the perfect holiday gift for any explorer! Order by Wednesday, 12/13 for guaranteed delivery by Christmas. Click on the image above or head ...