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Evocation by Author @stgibsonauthor is now out!! A book about spiritualism, relationships, fortune telling, secret societies and magic!The Devil knows your name, David Aristarkhov.The day David Aristarkhov occultist father died , David bought himself an Audi, drank all the liquor in the house and...
Where are all book people hanging out?! Anyone elses FYP a mix of bikers, COD players and book girlies? I feel like booksta/booktok are taking over #booktok #biketok #cod #booksta #bookhangover
Did anyone else think that the first version of Fourth Wing was that bad? Tell where it sounded horrible so I can relisten before I delete the older version. I have to know where it is now because I missed it.
So close but so far. When you are not home to sign for the @misterkristoff Empire of the Damned art package cant wait to have you in my hands. #empireofthedamned #empireofthevampire
Have you had tarot cards drawn for you? Happy Publication Day! Thank you @stmartinspress for sending a copy of The Fortune Seller by @rachelkapelkedale. When described as Yellowjackets meets The Cloisters I was excited to start reading this dark academia mystery gem. The saddle club for adults, w...
The quote is this books is for sure going to be its a Were thing IYKYK. Bride is released out into the world tomorrow! As an avid paranormal fantasy reader and was so excited for a Vampyre bride and Alpha werewolf book. Bride has to be the spiciest book in the Hazelwood collection and is everyth...
Embark on a journey of grief, love, and chasing dreams in the heart of Paris with If I Promise You Wings by A.K. Small @aksmallwords Follow Alix as she navigates the glamorous world of haute couture while honoring a promise to her best friend. This lyrical novel, hailed by Publishers Weekly, is ...
Embarking on a journey into the literary universe with Simon Teens latest treasures! First up, immerse yourself in the epic conclusion of The Last Hours Series with the paperback edition of Chain of Thorns by Cassandra Clare, boasting a stunning spine mural thats truly a work of art.Next, get re...
Thank you @prhaudio for early access to Argylle by @ellyconway. Is Elly Conway a pseudonym for Taylor Swift? Who knows! But I started to listen to it today and I am loving it already. Narrators really do determine if I will enjoy an audiobook and @dakotabluerichards is wonderful. #Argylle #ellyco...
Feeling incredibly blessed by the talent and thoughtfulness of my best friend @foldedpagesdistillery. These handmade ornaments are more than decorations theyre a treasure filled with love and memories. Grateful for friends who make the holiday season extra special. #HandmadeJoy #BestFriendGifts
Its been a busy audiobook year! Thank you @prhaudio for all the amazing books. I didnt realize this year I was on a rom-com journey until putting this together! I discovered a hidden treasure like The Hundred Loves of Juliet and laughed my way to work listening to The Burnout and My Roommate is a...
I have never left so fast for something!! I didnt even think I was leaving the house today. #fourthwing #ironflame