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Yes Im still alive lol I havent been posting much due to having 3 jobs, starting my Buisness (check it out @seeyoulasergj ) and trying to get my muscles back. Thanks to everyone who has been checking in on me
Im back baby
The only way to get @brandonfulller to smile for photos #holdingmyheart #thankfulforyou #hyatt #huntingtonbeach #caliboy
Happy Halloween
Tried to take some cute pics for @cozyearth and their bomb ass new bath towels and ended up sitting in the dark choking myself typical. Anyway. use code CE-TESLAPANIC to get 40% off all products! Or click the link in my bio
Oh hey still alive, still just posting mirror selfies @cozyearth has bamboo hoodie dress WITH POCKETS Use code CETESLAPANIC for 40% off or use the link in my bio
This hotel sucks#halfass
Oh hey Im back from my Instagram hiatus, lost 1k followers but my mental health is thriving, my arm is (mostly) working again, life is fantastic and I wouldnt trade that for anything thanks to you are beautiful people who stuck around
What the most painful spot youve been tattooed? @amber_mannon
Colorado dreamin
Atlanta, why you so sticky though? @amber_mannon
Just making sure this house is sturdy. @mannon_pictures @amber_mannon