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Why do kids want to show their ENTIREEEEE *** the moment we get in front of other people? And Aria had the nerveeeee to act like she didnt do anything when she kicked it off Yall kids do that or is it just us
Love Out Loud: Building a Relationship and Family from Scratch featuring the 3 biggest blessings of our lives! Even they were shocked at some of the things in the book But can we have an honest moment with yall? We are STRESSED. Releasing a book is sooo much pressure. Wondering who is going to bu...
Play Silly Games and You Win Silly Prizes! Im not sure who are raising these new age kids, but SOS! She better hope my AirPod still works or her daddy is buying me brand new ones!Yall think I deserved that? #relatable #parenting #parentsbelike #funny #kids #family #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqfamily #funny...
Love Out Loud: Building A Relationship and Family from Scratch. Let us be clear.. this is simply a book about LOVE! And with all the horrible things going on in the world.. we need more Love in our lives. It is our prayer that Love Out Loud pushes people out of their comfort zone to have difficul...
Family Competition Sunday Ashton just isnt cut out for challenges This time we included mom and she was almost able to hang with us! Tag someone who you would do this with!#relatable #familygames #games #parents #challenge #cincodemayo #family
You guys asked me to give your nephew another chance.Listen, it was a close game but Aria is quick on her feet! Ashton had some momentum going but at least he left with some money this time! They actually surprise me with how much they know! Should I make the questions harder next time? #relatab...
We can all see who isnt going to take Ls gracefully Ashton does not like losing baby and Aria doesnt help with her snickers of excitement Tag someone who is competitive i want to see their response lol. #family #relatable #familygames #competitive #funny #siblings #reels
What a difference one year can make! April 28, 2023 we were in the NICU, thousands of miles away from home, praying that Aspen would learn how to eat from her bottle so we could be discharged and go home. At this point, we were away from home for a little over a month. We had just opened our rest...
Idk about yall but I go down rabbit holes looking at restocking/resetting videosss wayyyy more than I should.. so I decided to do one of my own We recently upgraded our 2021 Escalade to a 2024 Escalade ESV for the extra trunk space and let me tell you I DONT have a regret in this world! Now that ...
We Outside This Summer so that means NO GERMS So if this is whats needed to ensure Im in somebodys airport every other week traveling the world, Im happily zipping up these suits and sending them off to school They thought I was crazy but they will thank me later! I think they look cute Who els...
Lets kick this discussion off by saying we understand why people THINK this but the desire to ASK or need to KNOW is what bothers us the most. So let us ask you this.. why do you need to know? Although it is no secret Aspen was born via surrogacy and is biologically our child.. it still amazes me...
Even mom can get this work! it was all fun and games until she put me in timeout though if you know you know #relatable #trivia #mom #competition