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This is your sign to take control of your life, 100%. Message in collaboration with @rachelissocial #thisisyourtime #pov
@gamintraveler @rachelissocial 4900 meters high, Palccoyo is one of the newest views to see in Cusco. Our top favorite destination here in Cusco, Rainbow Mountains. A cousin of its more popular tour the Vinicunca, here in Palccoyo you'll see 3 colorful mountains, and is an easier trek 1.5-2 hour...
Sandboarding in Hhina, Peru with @exploorperu! Some of our favorite moments in our Hhina visit! Ah traveling with kids, sounds like a crazy idea? It's easier than you think! Kids are resilient, easy to adapt and are just fun to be with. Our little one is down for every adventure we wanna do! Some...
The cutest thing we've seen today. timmybowties on tiktok
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Welcome 2022! Wishing you had an amazing New Year and more goodness and blessings to come! #newyear #mudcloth #apparel
Remember that family is everything these times. Cherish everyone and hope youre all ending the year with a clean heart and a peaceful mind #reels #newyear #family