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When people ask my client why she got this tattoo.. I told her to say because Im a rocket man
Last tattoo of the year this year of tattooing has easily been the happiest year in my career. And it is all thanks to the amazing clients Ive had the honor of working with. Thank you 2023 for everything
Books OPEN in January!!! 2024 Im manifesting more lady face tattoos please if you are interested in working with me please email link in bio with your ideas for a tattoo
Bob Ross and Lisa Frank were my parents
$200 Tattoo Me Charlotte Gift Card Contest/Raffle! EVERYTHING MUST BE DONE THRU INSTAGRAM TO COUNT AS AN ENTRYContest Rules:1. Like this post 2. Follow TMC Shop Page 3. Tag a tattoo lover friend 4. Share this post on your Story! (This one.. keep proof. screenshots will work) We dont want this to...
Humans are organic. Its a fact. Were meant to die. Its natural. Beautiful. And it all breaks down and rises back up. And breaks down again. And every living thing grows out of every dying thing. And we leave more life behind us to take our place. That life refreshes and recycles, and on and on it...
Birthstones for her babies I absolutely loved this mama tattoo idea
What a great year its been tattooing! Im loving all of the work Ive been so honored to do! Cant believe it will be 2024 soon where has the year gone!?
I will forever love ornamental animal tattoos
She vv professional production filming with @worldfamousink stay tuned to see the final results
The dog portrait with the most personality would love to do more of this style! Entire tattoo done with #worldfamousinks
Its the color pallet for me