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Save money Live in style
SHEIN offers endless finds at affordable prices so you can get more of what you really love SHEIN saveinstyle
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Thank you for being with us in this challenge andfor all the support and love for yoga!!!#AloSummerHeat Day 88) Yogis choiceTeam@syoghina@miaayoga@yoga_mami@itsevasofia@piccolayogini@aloyoga + @alomoves
Strike a balance of grace and strength with Dancer Pose.This pose not only opens up your hips and hamstrings, but it also cultivates inner poise and confidence. Im a person who always feels looking for my balance... maybe thats why I cant find my inner dancer.#dancerpose #yogainspiration #yogaeve...
Power and grace: this is what this yoga pose, called goddess pose, creates in me.In this pose I feel the energy flowing, awakening my female strength and resilience. Wawwwww#goddesspose #yogapractice #femininedivine #empowerment #selflove#AloSummerHeat Day 66) Utkata konasana (goddess)7) Nataraja...
The photo of the day is the second. The first shows that part of me very woman and little yogiBecause I love joking and not taking myself seriously even when I do something I loveLa foto del giorno la seconda. La prima mostra quella parte di me molto donna e poco yogi Perch io adoro scherzare e ...
Do you know the difference between cobra pose and upward dog pose? I personally took a long time to learn itIm writing it here to remind myself in the first place...Cobra pose:Legs on the floorFlexibility focusBent armsUpward dog:Legs liftedStrength focusOutstretched armsIm not a yoga teacher and...
For me there are no simple or difficult positions at all. There is only the effort that I put into the execution.And so even after a side plank (position that many consider simple but that really has so many benefits - see later) I can be tired .... And I wanted to put some pictures to make fun o...
Unleash your inner power and embrace the boldness of the revolved triangle. This powerful symbol (revolved triangle) represents strength, determination and the ability to overcome any obstacle. In reality I dont believe that there is something or someone that can guide me towards my dreams. Only ...
Challenge announcementJoin us for #AloSummerHeat from June 1st to June 8th.Lets tap into the suns energy with focused breath work and precise alignment, unlocking exciting poses and smooth transitions. Start by building strength and finding balance, then expand your flexibility and range of motio...
When you risk banging your head and .... Not in a philosophical sense if you watch the video you will be able to notice my hesitation due to the moment I realized that I was going to crashQuando rischi di sbattere la testa e. Non in senso filosofico se guardi il video potrai notare la mia esita...
There are sounds that relax me such as the noise of my rings .... You can hear them in the video it only happens to me????Ci sono suoni che mi rilassano come ad esempio il rumore dei miei anelli. Puoi sentirli nel video capita solo a me????My beautiful outfit is by @sheinofficial @shein_us #SHEIN...
I dont give up on jeans a must have when I want to feel free, comfortable and... on vacation!!!Non rinuncio al jeans un must have quando voglio sentirmi libera, a mio agio e in ferie!!!My beautiful outfit is by @sheinofficial @shein_us #SHEINsummersale #SHEINforAll #ad Summer Lovin, Summer Savinu...
Mothers Day 2024Best wishes to all mothers, to our mothers even if they have left us, to those who are already mothers, to those who will be and to those who couldnt but are mothers in My beautiful outfit is by @sheinofficial @shein_us @shein_sports#SHEINsports #SHEINforAll #loveshein #ad#SHEINtr...