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Satin Saturday shows off the back-end of this beauty, basking in the sun just waiting to be ridden.We love it when things look as good in motion as they do standing still. Tight tolerances and quality components have a way of making anything look legit!The contrasting finis...
Sutter Street Sunday shares some sunlight to show off this recently completed @ruffcycles Dean.The recipe for a Clean and Classic Custom remains tried and true after all these years; start with a frame that best fits you and maybe add in a bar or two; sprinkle in some staggered diameter and width...
Wheel Wednesday is better later than never and a long time coming.What did Mike Tyson say all those years ago?!? Something likeEveryone has a plan until they get punched in the face.We have been slowly reorganizing both our workspace and our life latelytransitioning out of our retail location and...
This will not be the end of our Story.Things arent official until you read about them on the Internet.right?!?For those of you who didnt catch our initial announcement, dont visit the page regularly, or have secretly been waiting for this day to come; our retail location is now closed. What once ...
Fatass Friday takes us back into Tricycle Territory with this recently completed 3-wheeled Electric Creation.It takes a certain level of commitment to take a Custom Bicycle this faryou start with a basic idea and build from there to personalize the platform you inevitably picture yourself riding....
Wheel Wednesday comes straight from the West Coast, breathing new life into this Jesse James Chopper.We have always said that what we do is more about building relationships and not just bicycles, and the Families and Friends we have met along the way are a prime example of this mentality and met...
Wheel Wednesday is already here; showing off 72-spokes of multi-color madness.Though it would be great to walk in and be able to choose your finished wheel set right off the floorunfortunately thats not how it works. There are far too many alternatives to have a multitude of selections readily a...
Two-Wheeled Tuesday gives us a glimpse of whats to come with this @ruffcycles modified Dean.Obviously a built bike is the end result of a collaboration with us here at Sutter Street Cruisers, but if you arent enjoying the process behind the selection of parts, the brainstorming, the magic of mock...
Wheel Wednesday blends the best of form and function with these black and white rollers, recently finished.Its all well and good for something; anything, to look goodbut in most cases you want something to perform as well as it appears. The time spent perfecting an external appearance should als...
Two-Wheeled Tuesday this week shows off that Team Spirit, regardless of who you choose to root for. Though we arent super in to Sports ourselves, we love seeing the vigor and passion associated with those that have a favorite Team. These Collegiate Cruisers debuted years ago, and represented var...
Wheel Wednesday this week pays attention to the Chainwheel (A.K.A. Sprocket); the transferor of power from platform to pedal.Usually we are showcasing the rollers that you ride on when it comes to mid-week milestones, but today we thought we would show off something different.Deciding on a drive...
10/01/2014.It doesnt seem that long ago when you say it or write it outbut 8 years is quite a long time in the life cycle of a small business.Shit..8 years is a long time for anything!What can you say youve done consistently for the last 8 years?Worked out or worked on that beer gut?Found true lo...