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Suns out today! Whales are at the pier. What could be better?!
Ive been a little quiet on here recently, but I feel the need to address the articles/video circulating of one of our neighboring business owners saying f*ck the locals. This does not sit well with me, and Im sure the same feeling sits with many of the other business owners in pismo, and surroun...
What would we do without @audreyy.rae? I wish an Audrey to every small business out there.
2 strikes he is NOT OUT! (I actually dont know how baseball works so thats prob slander)
Powdered Nutella 2.0. I made a Nutella mousse, hand piped into each donut, then rolled in powdered sugar. Flooftown baby.
Most of you know, for the past few months Ive been working the night shift- every night. Its also given me a bit of a break to heal and process everything thats happened this summer. As I was leaving the other morning, one of my employees mentioned that one of our regulars went to a well known do...
Youre gonna turn some heads with our nuts, I guarantee it.
Say hello Barbies dream donut. Bday cake batter. Not plastic, but it is fantastic. On the shelf today!#surfsidedonuts #pismobeach #barbie #barbiestyle #barbiefood #donuts #buzzfeedtasty #yummy #805 #centralcoast
Its ok though, you can judge my greasy sweatshirt everyday.
Todays menu is absolutely sliving. Loves it. #thehotone #lovesit #donuts #parishilton #pismobeach #yummy
Poetic or not, its true.
my donut queen and I have met in the middle of a donut PRIEDITE PUDDING DONUT buttermilk pastry cream,@burkdollfarm santa rosa pluot jam,@nillawafers crumb weve turned the bbq dessert into a jam packed donutTHIS SUNDAY (7/2) @surfsidedonuts LIMITED AVAILABILITY