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We often form opinions based on incomplete information.Its easy to judge someone based on a single perspective, but its important to remember that every story has two sides.Here are a few points to consider:- Bias and Perception: Our brains are wired to make quick judgments, often based on limite...
How is your Monday going? #indianblogger #indianbloggers #indianinfluencer #fashionvibes #sari #bengalurublogger #bengaluruinfluencers #bangalore_insta
In human psychology, its crucial to understand that parents arent always right.While their intentions are often good, parents can sometimes see themselves as victims in the parent-child relationship.But can you truly be a victim in a dynamic where you hold the authority?This perspective needs a c...
Everyone calls me Playboy Buy they don't know how much I have cried for that one girlOur first collaboration reel with my Senior Roadie @superwowstyle @passive_element_Location partner: @justblrbrigaderoadSpecial thanks @salam_coach#agycarvalho #roadie #superwowstyle #reels #trendingreels #exp...
PoV: When you have to find something to watch before you can start eating.Can you relate?#funnyreels #funnyvideos #funnyshit #comedy #comedyvideo #comedyreels #comedyreels #comedyvideos
Dont ask me what he did, with @shreyasraoo you know he deserves it anyway! Yes, even on his birthday, Oh btw, wishing you a very happy birthday.AGAIN! Kailash, (just in case you DO SEE THIS POST) I am not tagging you or adding you as a collaborator just as you would prefer Now you both COME BACK ...
If only I could count the number of times I have seen families make a huge issue out of this!Why is it so hard for us to respect a mothers desire to protect her baby?As harsh as it may sound, this really is not about us. Its about her, and the baby. They are the priority! If she doesnt want you t...
Let me explain: Todays question: Should I move on or confess my feelings to my male best friend, who already has a girlfriend?- Why do you wanna tell him?Subconsciously or otherwise, are you trying to get into his head & see how he responds/starts giving you more attention?Or because the feelings...
Whats the most liberating feeling?Her: Realising that Im enough.#indianblogger #bangalore #indianinfluencer #superwowstyle
PoV: All you wanted was one nice click with your little pup, but what you got instead was stress, scratches, and 5347 blurry images @justblrbrigaderoad do I get any points for trying?Can we call these candids (which technically they are!)For all the pet parents out there, check out their page for...
In psychology, gaslighting is a manipulation tactic that can leave individuals bewildered, frustrated, and questioning their own reality.Therefore comprehending the underlying motives, recognizing the telltale signs, and extending empathy to the victims becomes imperative in addressing this toxic...
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