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Week in Pictures:1. Back into sketchbook mode. Cant wait to draw more on paper again.2. Been to the country. My sacred place.3. Lots of hiking. Love the @nike V2K.4. Also love the @salomon XT6 for hiking.5. Fell in love with a dog.6. Came back home to a giant new leaf.7. Skirt weather is here.
March #recentmoments #lately #march
Playlists are finally back! Music is one of my greatest passions and source of inspiration. Find the link in my stories/highlights
You Will Get Where You Need To Be #reminder
Storms Dont Last Forever #reminder
I dont know who needs to hear this, but no feeling is final. Remember that. Just as the sun rises after the darkest hour, this too shall pass #reminder
Life Lately #recentmoments #lifelately
Random Acts Of Kindness
One Day You Will Know Why You Had To Wait #reminder
You Are Enough
Be Patient When Becoming Someone You Havent Been Before #reminder