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Happy birthday @kuldip_atwal ! Keep on shining bright baby girl! I will find you in all the lifetimes. Love you!
Happy Birthday Jindy!!! @jinderatwal love you muchos!! Beyondddddd greatful you were born! Best friend. Best brother. Best human on the planet I know!!!
What's your rainy day habits? Mine are making protein chocolate chips yummy yummies!
Food is life and vitality. Food is medicine. It's a recipe for a great life
We named all our products at RANI Beauty with you in mind. We know how easy it is to focus on what's wrong! We want to remind you to also remember what is right. Today @themiriamkhan is wearing I AM FEARLESS! Let's awaken a multitude of women that know their power. Repeat to yourself, I AM FEARLE...
Light day time I AM MAGiC magnetic lashes! Go follow @shopranibeauty to win this lash and liner!
Wooohoo! After two years of product development RANI BEAUTY doors are open!!! We found the things we loved about lashes and got rid of the things we disliked, combined it all together, made sure our products were non toxic for the body, didn't hurt animals, and enhanced everyone's natural beauty....
It's beautiful how a tiny little person can come into this world and just explode your heart My favorite little human on this planet.
Guess what! RANI BEAUTY is officially launching in T- 5 days! Eeeek!!! A little sneak peak! Not a hair product, yet;) Magnetic lashes are locked and loaded! No more struggling with lashes, we've got you covered :) Follow me @shopranibeauty for launch week giveaways!!! Giving away the entire colle...
Had the best time working with my best friend and my brother (who is also my best friend and now my photographer):) Feeling thankful for these two for going above and beyond helping me with my first official shoot for the RANI BEAUTY brand. Filled with gratitude for having the greatest most carin...
RANI beauty behind the scenes #magneticlashes