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Life takes on a whole new meaning when you view Lagos city from the LeonardoBySujimoto Helipad. Owning a unit here provides a breathtaking perspective that leaves you in awe of the beauty and grandeur that surrounds you. From the shimmering skyline of Lagos to the endless expanse of the horizon,...
Take Flight from Nigerias First Residential Helipad, designed for the priviledged few luxury aficionados who desire the ease of travelling to any destination on the globe right from the comfort of their LeonardoBySujimoto home.Set to sit majestically 156 metres above the skies of Lagos, strategic...
There are many firsts, from buildings, cars, and special moments, but the love of a mother supersedes them all.On this Mothers Day, we celebrate the unparalleled bond of love, warmth, and care that our Mothers has woven into every corner of our lives. Today and every day, let us honor and cherish...
To our True Assets, from our Meticulous Janitors to the Diligent Managers, Engineers of Progress to architects of possibilities: Today, we hold in high esteem the honour of celebrating our indelible force and the Builders of Society that have grown into a family of Over 600 Hardworking Staff.As w...
We raise a toast to the architects of greatness, who have laid foundations of steel and transformed blueprints into luxury sky rise buildings.Collectively, your strength is unmatched and your brilliant ideas - a testament of unrivaled intelligence, steadily transforms dreams on paper to concrete ...
We dont just blow our horns or dance to our own tune. We ensure every detail is a musical note in the symphony of luxury, appreciated by aficionados of fine living.The LucreziaBySujimoto boasts exceptional volumes, with a triple-floor penthouse, an exquisite lounge area of almost 175 sqm, and a p...
One of the fundamental ingredients for entrepreneurial failure Is when many people underestimate their future and overestimate their present. This austerity mentality has made Future billionaires attain only 5% of their true potential. Yes things might be hard but you and Only you can anticipate ...
A million dollar view for those who want to live in the clouds.Ready for view 3?Like and comment Im ready.#TGIF #LuxuryLifestyle #luxury #oceanview #cityview #panoramic #360 #Sujimoto #views #penthouseliving #ikoyi #bananaisland #nature #explorepage #luxuryview
Just like @champagnepapi and @richforever exquisite mansions, the LucreziaBySujimoto is an Epitome of Sophistication and Luxury You Can Brag About.Towering 64 meters in the sky, this tallest residential building in Banana Island features only the best, world-class standard of opulent amenities. F...
At the LucreziaBySujimoto 3D IMAX Cinema, your cinematic experience is more than just a movie, it is luxury blended with heart stopping realities.Be the main character and join the casts in breathtaking scenes full of suspense, horror, adventure, romance and comedy blockbusters.Dont be a mere spe...
Live life on my terms, let others be inspired, and let the pessimists go hug transformers. Confident and absolutely unapologetic (Please dont do this if youre broke ). #TGIF #Sujimoto #luxurylifestyle #rollsroyce #RR #waterfrontresidence #leonardobysujimoto #friday #funday #experienceluxury # #e...
We have been cooking and on todays menu is the last unit of the luxury LucreziaBySujimoto. We are serving the Tallest Building in Banana Island, a dreamy maisonette with opulent ambiance on a platter of affordability. Take advantage of the buffet service that offers a price you wont find anywhere...