Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Stray Rescue is a nokill animal shelter in the city of StLouis We rescue injured abandoned betrayed stray dogs and cats Venmo strayrescue
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A couple of weeks ago, temperatures were in the single digits. The cold wind howled and the cold hurt after being outside for just a few moments. Thats when we met this guy. Eskimo Joe was chained behind an abandoned house, to a doghouse full of frozen water. The callousness of this act alone gi...
Our mass freedom flight is coming in this Thursday and we still need:11 Heroes to foster an adult Cat4 Heroes to foster an Adult Dog! Can you help save one of their lives? Email and she can help match you with an island baby so they dont miss their flight! These pictures ar...
Good Morning Everyone!It's time to start the day by meeting the love of your life. This is Barbara Walters! Before we continue, we'll start by saying this unicorn is: Cat friendlyKid friendlyDog friendlyShe will make a wonderful family dog for just about any type of family! Over the summer she wa...
We took Bonus home for a Rovernight weekend, and we knew immediately we wanted to keep her! She has a new name and already answers to it. Honey (since her freckles are the color of honey). And she fits right in with our pack! I am absolutely head over heels in LOVE with her and she is never going...
Ragnar is a gentle giant lap dog! He is the perfect mix of high energy playtime followed by hours of being a couch potato. Yes, all 60lbs of him will sit right on your lap and smoosh his face against yours! Whether he is out in the yard running around with the resident corgis or inside snuggling ...
This doll face is Ribeye! Hes super super sweet, loves treats, has been great with all other dogs hes met, knows how to sit and seems to be house trained. Hes awesome! Plus can you handle that pink nose?
Here is a super cute 1 year old pup who would love to leave the big, scary shelter and go home with you! Her name is Pup Tart. Shes about 39 pounds, very petite, and yes - sometimes her wips get stuck on her teef . Shes soooo adorable!! Come meet her!
A few nights ago, a skinny old dog was seen by many neighbors on their Ring camera. He would go up on their porches and whine and cry. When we got on the scene the next morning, he was skittish and didnt want to go into a trap, but he kept looking at us as if he were pleading Help me! We were fin...
This super fun event is happening TODAY! Starting at 10am, 25 adoptable puppies will play some football in an effort to win your attention and your heart! This is a family friendly event and is going to be REALLYYYYYYYY CUTE! Load up the fam and head to @zoomroomcrestwood 361 Watson Plaza, St. Lo...
THIS SATURDAY, @zoomroomcrestwood is hosting PUPPY BOWL! Well be there with a couple dozen adoptable puppies, all playing and looking for their forever families. See you there, the fun starts at 10am! Here are 3 little puppies that will be there, playing to win your heart!All three will be at the...
We have saved puppies in the triple digits in January! They came to us from all corners of the state, escaping the cold and all the threats of living outside. If you saw our most recent post, then you also know that we are stepping up to help the island dogs and cats who have nowhere to go. The m...
Thank you for giving during our Matching Mania Grant Giveaway! We gave away thank you prizes all day yesterday like grab bag t-shirts, hats, and more with your gift...that was MATCHED! Because of you, we raised $62,000 in one day!! Thank you to all who gave yesterday. People were giving with joy!...