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Some more heaters from the Pacific Northwest. The morning had some good energy to it and you could feel a sense of excitement in the air for our annual @wekfest_usa stop in Seattle. Like I mentioned previously, the only thing I could have asked for that weekend was just a few more extra hours to ...
Some more photos from this past weekends @wekfest_usa Seattle event during the morning roll-in. The shows are so busy these days and the cars are so good that it takes so much more time than before to do the judging and chat with people. Honestly, I wish we had more time during the event to actua...
I specifically planned my trip to Japan this time around so I would get back stateside in time for the @wekfest_usa Seattle event. Since I started visiting the Pacific Northwest a decade ago, it has always been one of my favorite regions of automotive tuning culture. I liked it so much that I con...
Apparently I heard that there are only about a handful of Integras in Indonesia so it was interesting to see one in-person so heavily-modified. As it turns out, certain cars are incredibly difficult to acquire and even if you can find one, the import tax and fees make them almost impossible to bu...
My collection is growing at an almost uncontrollable rate. In fact, Ive already received another display cabinet because I keep finding stuff that I want. That also means that Ive also acquired a ton of stock for the storefront so you can join in on my growing addiction. Already got a bunch of pe...
Machine check!!Now that Im back home from Japan, its time to put the EK9 away for the summer until I go back. I figured now would be a good time though to give you all a breakdown of the entire build. Just to put a nice cap on this project for the time being. Theres nothing really mind-blowing ab...
Over the past year or so, Ive been joking around with @sara.choi calling her my manager because shes been trying to convince me to go back to Indonesia with her. I went 7 years ago and though it was a fruitful life experience, I can honestly say that I didnt have the greatest of time. I dont thin...
One of the aspects I enjoy the most about being amongst my fellow, more-experienced (older), car enthusiasts is seeing the vast collection of parts that theyve collected over the years. Some of these guys have such a deep catalog of parts in their private collection that they could switch to an e...
I didnt really know what to expect on my trip to Indonesia this time around. It had been 7 years since I had been back and I honestly didnt know if Id ever go back. @sara.choi promised me a completely different experience this time around and shes one of the few people I trust fully in this world...
Japan lately through the lens of the @campsnapcamera featuring the 037 Stradale that blew up my IG, more work on the EK9, dinner with Wakayama friends, 1 of only 17 RouteKS Zero Force Final NSXs, Laptop Ryuji, daily life in Osaka, Yasus FL5 on new RSR springs, and moreGetting this camera last min...
I couldnt help but notice that Masataka Ikeda (@1ke_d) from INAZUMAWORX was noticeably absent at this years Wekfest Japan event. He has been a regular over the years, always coming out with something new on an old Toyota Corolla platform that comes out mind-blowing. Its been a real pleasure to se...
First night drive down the street was a success. Been busy the last few weeks so the EK9 hasnt been getting much attention but now that were back from Indonesia, @exceed_jpn was able to spend some time on the carOne of the major issues we had with the Civic was when we first acquired it, it was a...