Steve Brown

Professional Stuntman • Action Designer • NCAA Division I All-American • #fireupchips
📍Los Angeles, California
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Note to self: I hate @bdonski , wear a cup, show no mercy #wrestling #bjj : @garrettxwarren
When in doubt, attack with the full might of a 100 kittens @bdonski : @garrettxwarren #wrestling #bjj
Hey Ross, sorry about your neck.. again.. but uhh I heard heavens cool tho. Hope we can still be friends @rosskohnstam : @garrettxwarren #wrestling #trapping #bjj
#ad We had the best time doing what we love, traveling around in the Volvo XC90 to some of the most beautiful places in California Thank you @volvocarusa for getting us everywhere we needed so easily and safely. #volvoxc90
I use my crotch often for self defense #safetyfirst @brian.jansa @mike_t_brown @mkretovics
We were playing around and thought this came out pretty fun. Would love to hear back what everyone would like to see more of.. after we fix Rosss neck @rosskohnstam @tuhhny_vee
Thank you for flying Steve Airlines. Please buckle up and enjoy the ride
When in doubt, roll around
I did ask her beforehand if she had any hairspray on, which she said no. Therefore I took it as my slytherin opportunity #teamslytherin
Do you guys remember when IG only let you have 15 sec videos? It used to be a pain in the ass trying to make a story in time that time frame. How things have changed. This one is a fun nice heart warming throwback for me. These boys and I were working in Malaysia in 2015 and in our off time would...
Like children on a playground, but as adults
Hugging like its our last goodbye