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Another lap around the sun this last year of life was wild one of the more impactful years of my life so far.Looking back, I have spent the last 288 days of the year away from home. Work has brought me to 6 different continents in the last 12 months - wild to think about.This movement brings ene...
Is it worth it to spend several hours digging a stairwell underneath a dome tent at 14,200 (4,328m) while in the middle of a ski film expedition? Yes, definitely.Good times on Denali with an awesome team Hold My Leg with @erichroepke @plp_mcafee @vasu_sojitra @benjifarrar @tedhesser #denali #snow...
Wild times Tandem skiing across the pond at the Spring skiing capital of the world, @palisadestahoe I grew up watching the infamous Cushing Crossing most of my life, but I had never competed. After a very last minute chat with my buddy, Ty, we decided that we would give it a go. He had a funny d...
Who would like to join us on a trip to the South Pole? In January, I was fortunate to spend 7 days at the South Pole during a project with @eyosexpeditions and I can honestly say it was one of the most most wild places Ive ever visited.Youre hundreds of miles away from any remnants of civilizati...
I love this planet everyday is Earth Day #earthday #nature
Such good times in Greenland with @iceaxeexpeditions So much gratitude for the all the people involved. @icemandoug @ashleighstevens for putting the experience together @skydancersailing, Nick and Estella - you are a dynamic duo and its a sincere pleasure meet you both! Two of the best and har...
Dreamy ski conditions in the remote fjords of Greenland @straightchuter creating fine art With @iceaxeexpeditions #skiing #greenland #ski #arctic #backcountry #adventure #explore #freeride #powder #outdoors
This was the first time Ive ever filmed reindeer and skiers in the same frame what a wild experience to say that we skied with reindeer It was awesome to watch ~80+ reindeer run around the mountains - the most reindeer Ive ever seen in one place. Later, they checked out our ski tracks after the ...
This feels like a dream Today on our epic Greenland Ski & Sail adventure its been an all-time trip with @IceAxeExpeditions and one that well never forget. Skiing 3-4k vertical feet followed by fishing, aurora borealis and great people. Unforgettable memories Grateful to be here!Team:Ice Axe Exp...
The 2023 Antarctica Ski Cruise This truly is the trip of a lifetime; thank you to @iceaxeexpeditions for bringing me along to experience it! Stoked to finally be sharing this one with you all Filmed By: @hank.skinner, @steinretzlaff, @etienneclaret, @tahoematt,, @whiteroomfilms...
Nothing compares to our adventures heliskiing through the beautiful mountains of Greenland this trip and this crew was incredible! Shot on expedition with @eyosexpeditions #heliski #heliskiing #greenland #outdooradventure #skiing
Conquering Lake Tahoes backcountry with Nomad proving utility can thrive in powder paradise! // la conqute du backcountry au Lac Tahoe avec Nomad - qui a dit quon ne pouvait pas samuser en motoneige utilitaire ?! #TaigaNomad #ev #snowmobile