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Life is like I like this rad adventures coming soon #adventure #skiing #travelphotography
It was super cool meeting Crush in Costa Rica some awesome moments diving and filming with happy turtles and more marine life - an unforgettable trip On expedition with @eyosexpeditions
Ive often felt a bit weird posting fitness-oriented photos, but Ive been working my ass off recently on personal and business development and figured Id share cause why not .Weve been building a few things at our companies and Im really excited to share more about the next iterations soon.Stoked ...
Good times in French Polynesia what a cool experience to spend a day on this expedition yacht with EYOS.: @eyosexpeditions: @tahoematt #tahiti #yacht #adventure
Summer moments good vibes with some great people :)
My first time swimming with whales was insane so much respect for the ocean and these incredible animals. Definitely enjoying these tropical projects Shot on assignment with @eyosexpeditions
Another lap around the sun very grateful for all the awesome people in my life.The energy of the mind is the essence of life - Aristotle Time to amp up the energy onward
What a wild year. Heres 15-seconds of some Antarctic nature clips from this season Fortunate to have filmed 3 trips down South. More to come #antarctica #filmmaking #nature
Pretty insane watching these whales swallow massive amounts of Krill nature is rad#whales #nature #wildlife
The rocket scientist of the family @Wulfe_Retzlaff has graduated 4.0 GPA with a double major in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering.Also, Student Body President of the university and Captain of the Football Team with All-Conference honors at Linebacker. President of multiple clubs too.So proud of...
Living the dream another day in the life of an Arctic Ski & Sail with @IceAxeExpeditons - stoked!Team:@tahoetodd @ay_ee @tahoemack @vagabondhearts, the Branaughs, Los Gatos, Greg, CaydenRun and gun filming, but doing what I can #Svalbard #Skiing #Arctic
Skiing on top of the world today was rad! Arctic pow skiing baby Shot today while filming with @IceAxeExpeditions @tahoetodd @ay_ee @vagabondhearts and more :)#arctic #skiing #backcountry #norway #reels