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Sun Session June 13th17th
Moon Session June 20th24th 2024
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RADIANCE TOUR dates announced
THE LIVING SONG a movement of opening our creative channel and vessel for our radiance to shine through
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Voted 1 Campground in Oregon 2023 Wedding Outdoor Venue located along the Illinois River in So Oregon Home of spiritweavers Stay with us
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Official Instagram of MYSTIC MAMMA MM Mijanou Montealegre ART PRINTS in shop Please do not use any images to advertise any eventclassservice
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Dance with the shadows and shine the light: ceremonialist : rhythm keeper : muse : art direction :
for inquires regarding offerings, please visit:
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Spring blessings dear friendsAt the beginning of the winter season, we announced we would be shifting the channels of communication, moving away from Social Media threads and towards both in-person sharing and these seasonal newsletters for announcements. Our Springs newsletter is the continuati...
We may not get this right. Whatever we say, you may disagree with us. And we will still be here, with awareness of our imperfections and in an ever-emergent process of learning. Our hearts will always be pointed towards collective healing and liberation alongside yours. *We will not be allowing c...
We have been called here to share the following facts in lieu of all the misrepresentation and untruths being shared over the last week, even though we stated in our launch in November that we will no longer be active on this platform besides the two weeks during the Gathering, and a select few ...
There have been posts and rumors stating that the gathering, or myself as an individual, is bringing in $900k each year. This is absolutely false. Spirit Weavers Gathering has always existed as an LLC and not a non-profit business. We welcome you to research the different business structures and...
West Coast book tour complete! Thank you to everyone who came out to say hello and grab a book on our tour down the coast! It was so sweet to see so many old friends and meet new ones as well. All of the beautiful conversations, support and community connections mean so much. Details for the 202...
Hello friends! This Wednesday kicks off our West Coast Book tour! We will be reading from our new book When Women Gather, sharing stories and drinking tea! Please come by and say hello and join us to celebrate TEN years of gathering! We have some special things planned and will be sharing more al...
A very special thank you to all of 2023 Partners! Thank you for being apart of our 10th Year Anniversary and making this Gathering the best one yet! We have worked with such unique brands & companies in industries from wellness, natural beauty, organic farming, super foods, herbalism, womens well...
Last few days to enter! We have teamed up with 5 incredible women, artists & friends from the Spirit Weavers Marketplace to offer you over $800 In prizes!To enter:1. Make sure youre following each of the artists in the giveaway2. DM this to 3 of your goddess crew!3. Follow the link in bio & enter...
Giveaway! Were so excited to be teaming up with 5 incredible women, artists & friends from the Spirit Weavers Marketplace to offer you over $800 In prizes!To enter:1. Make sure youre following each of the artists in the giveaway2. Direct send this post to 3 of your friends, or more, if you want!3...
This week we explore the practice of Qi Gong with @quanyingongfu - the @spiritweavers @academy.of.oraclearts and @imaginal.co communities come together to cultivate an unshakeable belief in ourselves. Brea facilitates a rekindling of the communication lines between oneself and the Internal Teache...
A space for integration allows us to live and embody the discoveries and gifts we receive along our self exploration journey. Its a process where we move from our head to our heart and all through our body to move forward in a new way. We are in week two of the integration sessions that we are of...
When Women Gather, a decade with Spirit Weavers is now available to order! Cedar Bloom is the home to our beloved gathering @spiritweavers. The tea house here has its own chapter amongst many others written by @koakalish and @cinthiasumitra. If youve always wondered what Spirit Weavers is, we wro...