Niklas Lundström

Cooper Kira och jag går att köpa hos alla bokhandlare Nu finns den som ljudbok
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Hooman! Come here and look at this! I'm no car mechanic, you know that, but even I can see that this tire needs some more air.
Today, the hooman and I were on a top-secret super spy mission to save the world from Dr. Furball's crazy cat villain plans! Or, at least that was my mission. The hooman just tagged along because he didn't have anything better to do. To make matters worse, he's as stealthy as an elephant on rolle...
Sweden's National Day, and it's time to pawty.
It was finally time for the first ice cream of the year, but unfortunately, my tired hooman had been sleeping all day. By the time we got to the kiosk, it was just about to close, so we couldn't sit there and eat as we usually do. Instead, we drove our race car to the forest, where I completely l...
When we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to forget that the simplest things in life are often the most important.
If you need a lawn meower to cut your grass, don't call Cooper. With only two teeth in his mouth, he's not exactly impressive.
Uncle Cooper, happy 12th birthday! I'm so happy and grateful to have you in my life.
Cooper loves baths, and his dad loves giving them to him We spoke to Cooper's dad, Niklas, about his ultimate pet routine, which means the best baths complete with neon lights, a rubber ducky collection, and lots of bubbles!You can keep up with Cooper and all of his adventures @sphynxnille and @...
Today, it was finally time for my first bath with my new rubber ducks! With their courage and my charm, we'll take over the world one bubble at a time!
I need your help with an important mission. You see, my hooman says the shelves are packed with rubber ducks now and there's no room for more. It's absurd! How am I supposed to defend the universe and defeat Dr. Furball with such a small duck army?
Cooper here, the brave space cat in a hoodie. My spaceship was decorated with colorful balloons and streamers. I had even packed my book that I was going to read as we passed star after star. (Yes, its my book even if the hooman claims otherwise)Everything was ready for a fantastic party on May 2...
The eagle has landed. I, a completely ordinary cat with a red bow tie (well, maybe a bit more than ordinary), stood eagerly waiting for my feathered friends. And what do I see? Not just ducks, but an eagle too! Who would have thought that a cat, a few ducks, and an eagle would become the ultimate...