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Save this beach for your trip!In the north of Bali, perhaps the most unexplored area of the island, you will find some of its most hidden treasures: the black volcanic sand beaches In fact, much of Balis reputation as a paradise island in the tropics comes from its white sand beaches. Many of th...
I personally feel safe in Bali but I think its good that you have these tips Always carry your belongings close to you. I often carry a crossbody bag as its probably the safest way to carry valuables especially if youre out travelling in the night.* I was robbed 8 years ago when I came to Bali. A...
Read the caption First of all, I advise you to keep the thread because Im sure youll need it in the near future These tips have saved me a lot of money (and time). Thats why I now share them with you 1. It is mandatory to enter with a visa:You can take out the eVOA (Visa On Arrival) that has a d...
These are my 2 top-practical tips to avoid the crowd:Wake up earlyWaking up and getting the place very early is by far the best way to avoid the crowd. Besides, light is much more better, and you can also scape from the suffocating heat of Bali Look for the authentic placesA lot of people are not...
Gili Islands are a must if you decide to visit Bali Normally I prefer to dive, but here in Gili Islands diving is totally dispensable. Thats why I highly recommend you go to the Gili Islands and do a lot of snorkeling on the 3 islands, because they all have a lot to see To look for activities in...
Save it for your trip to BaliBali is not only home to endless beautiful rice fields, but also to stunning waterfalls.I have visited some Bali waterfalls during the last weeks and I think there are a few things you should know about The ones that are seen the most on Instagram tend to be the most...
Its right in front of the turtle point The location is just amazing! We left our hotel room in swimsuits with our and got into the crystal clear water It was all full of coral, colorful fish and we saw a turtle! It was incredible I recommend you to stay here if you travel to the Gili Islands!...
Add the Gili Islands to your Bali Itinerary I have snorkeled in many places in the world but in the Gili islands it completely shocked me! Corals , fish , turtles We even saw a shark ! (You can see it in my Bali highlights). Honestly, we didnt need to dive and go further down to see an infinite...
The drone shot is Situated in the heart of Siquijor Island in the Philippines, these falls are truly beautiful both from below and from above.And as expected, being such a beautiful place it attracts other visitors , so my biggest advice is to arrive at 8:00 am which is when they open, so you can...
No words It gets crowded and the descent is quite complicated. But the views of the beach from above are spectacular Totally incredible! They are worth it Follow @soytraveler for more travel inspo #bali #balitravel #balilife #balitrip #balidaily #explorebali #travelbali #baliguide #indonesia #nus...
Discovering the beautiful Nusa Islands, a tiny paradise in the Southeast of Bali When I came to Bali 8 years ago, these islands were not as well known as they are now and I didnt visit them. But now that Im discovering them Im loving them! In Nusa Penida there are some famous beaches and therefor...
Bali is too touristybecause you go where everyone else goes There are many places that few people know about where you can find yourself alone If you want to know those places, stay tuned at @soytraveler because I will share them in my Bali Travel Guide #bali #balivibes #balitravel #balilife #bal...