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Lisbon needs to come with a warning label. Caution. You will have too much fun.Not sure if Ive mentioned but I love this city
Just another Monday in the best city in the world I hope this feeling of holiday bliss never goes away! @___scotti
About last week. Exploring new places, allowing my plant addiction to flourish, partying with lovely people and forever standing with Palestine
Just when we thought they couldnt stoop any lower, Israeli forces bombed Rafah. A safe zone they told everyone to go to. A safe zone where people live in tents was burned to a crisp. 7 massacres occurred all over Gaza in 24 hours. The video of a headless body of a baby, burnt is an image I will n...
About last week. Im not sure if I mentioned, I love this city! #photodump #lisbon #lisbonlife
Poms for Palestine Police were out in full force to protect the Zionist celebration of 76 years of genocide, apartheid and occupation. We made our voices heard. We will not allow genocide to be normalised. The police were out to intimidate but the protestors stood strong and peaceful as always. P...
Happy birthday to the angel @actor_laura_greenwood And throwback to family fun in Sintra!
Life is beach Grateful for new adventures with new friends. To many many more @___scotti
Thinking of all the innocent lives lost on the 76th anniversary of the Nakbah (catastrophe) where the nightmare of the Israeli occupation officially began. Since then Isreal has continued a murderous campaign to steal more land and more lives from the native population. To all those who think Oct...
Lisbon I love you I cannot believe its been 7 weeks since the beginning of my new life and Ive never been happier. Theres nothing like 5 years in one of the rainiest places Ive ever lived to make you appreciate everything.Every day I wake up in paradise. The sun is shining. The people are warm an...
Fun with friends Being cultured and all that. Our art teachers would be SO proud Im so grateful to this city already for bringing old friends back in to my life! @o.mdl so so great seeing you. Tell Juno I miss her
When will this disgusting siege on an innocent population end? We will not stop protesting till Palestine is free. #fromtherivertothesea Another ceasefire agreement rejected. Is it clear yet that this was never about the hostages. Its ethnic cleansing, apartheid and a genocide. How many innocen...