97 of the time Im a rescue named Chase but when Im being exceptionally weird I go by Carl
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A few months ago we had to say an exceptionally heartbreaking goodbye to Chase. It still feels like hes on a fabulous trip somewhere without us, so were going to remember him as doing just that. Having and knowing Chase was like hitting the jackpot - truly. I dont know how we got so lucky, but we...
my best performance yet, 11/20/22. (even at one million years old and a touch under the weather)
beach bug reporting for duty and my heart and all of my toys and the half-eaten whimzee I dropped in her water bowl that she fished out and ate @lilybug_lpb #carlbug
POTATO NEWS thrilled to announce that our handsome and spunky little sweet potato (now canelo) is HOME!! canelo = cinnamon in spanish, which like - how freaking perfect. canelo and his WONDERFUL mama april live in upstate NY, where they love to go on lots of long walks (getting those puppy wiggl...
excellent spa, so long as you dont mind that the masseuse is a bit young and most certainly looking for nipples. 4/5 stars.#adoptdaisysgardenmbc #sometimescarlfosters
2 weeks ago chase said goodbye to his personal space and hello to SWEET POTATO! (whose alter ego is ken, just go with it)for more on SP, his angel of a mama Daisy, and his eight (eight!) sibs, visit @mrbonesandco and #adoptdaisysgardenmbc #sometimescarlfosters #fosterpuppy
snow day but make it moody bc mom lost my jacket(s)
that week b/w christmas & new years when u dont know if ur a reindeer or a hippo or a land seal or a bottomless vessel for cookies & treats
hello @faa do u require a pilots license for these ears?
dreamy little sunday. #aspiringfisherman #aspiringfishercarl
(#ad) quite the exciting update to share @purinaone_us has successfully raised over $28,000 for the @petfinderfoundation!! this incredible donation will help adoptable pets all across the country.big ups to everyone who registered to help purina one meet their goal, and if you havent yet - you ca...
POV: you look up to see a joyous sea lion smiling upon you