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Making monsters in Portland OR with skullcurseproductions
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I was pretty much done with this Dinosaurs Attack Supreme Evil sculpt but then I was like WAIT! I should do tiny little texture dots ALL OVER this thing and take an extra 8 hours! Anyway I finally finished and am excited for mold day. The 3 larger horns will be molded separately so they can be n...
The satisfaction of working with @faust.and.company and @monstark to create works for the mind of @zev_deans has been extremely memorable! I feel really lucky I got to be part of the whole thing and make such awesome pieces! We made a huge monster wall with many puppeteered parts and lights and o...
This time last year @faust.and.company @monstark and I teamed up with director @zev_deans to make some epic and large practical effects pieces for @ater_dark s new music video! AND NOW YOU CAN WATCH IT! I linked it in my bio. This project was insane and so much fun to work on, check it out and t...
Happy Yuletide from @rob_drokker and I . Hope youve been just the right amount of naughty this year
This drawing is festive in the same way that Die Hard is a Christmas movie......#chrome #panther #procreate #80sstyle #radical #chromeart #grid #neon #drawing #artforfun #80s #metallic #festive
Newest member of our Yuletide motionette family Another Krampus, because he needed a buddy. @smelly.elle sculpted and painted his face/hands/feet and made his little lederhosen. @rob_drokker added his fur and made the child basket backpack and accessories. Our army of motionettes is growing and ...
Commissioned piece I finished earlier this year for @rankandvilegrind , used as the insert of their latest album WORSHIP, you should check out!! This was the first time I decided to try and tackle a completely digital painting, and there were definite benefits to it, but I found I gotta have hand...
GARGOYLE PILLOWS now available on our website! These boys are big, cuddly, and super badass! Roughly 18x14 and will be the sickest pillow your couch or bed has ever encountered. Designed and assembled by @smelly.elle and screen printed locally by @iconartistry onto soft black canvas. Link in our ...
Some grotesquerie pencil sketches from my down time. ....#grotesque #medeival #demons #pencil #sketch #downtime #sketchbook #grotesquerie #collage #goya
Prepare for gargoyle cuddles
TONIGHT! On a special Halloween edition of Form Terror Fri. Ahem, THURSDAY! Chillin with @smelly.elle! We are gonna talk about her process and technique, her grasp on multiple mediums and her killer work for @skull_curse_productions! Dont miss it to ask questions LIVE! Please consider sharing! Li...
***Date and time change!*** Trying this announcement overNEXT week on Form Terror THURSDAY for a special Halloween edition of the show, Im hangin out with @smelly.elle! Im excited to talk to her about all the incredible work shes produced solo, her work with @skull_curse_productions and more! Don...