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Rest easy, Dad. The world is already less funny without you in it.
Congrats to Tay and the whole camp for continuing to crush these re-records. Im honored to have had the opportunity to play, sing, and program on this beauty along side the champs @maxephronbernstein @mattbillingslea @paul_sidoti @rowediddy @amosjheller @danburnsmusic @derekgarten @serbangheneam...
This little girl is ELEVEN today. I can hardly believe it. I am so proud of the person she has become. Compassionate. Smart. Funny!! She loves her dogs, slime, Squishmallows, annoying her little brother, and texting me poop emojis. Happy Birthday, Sophie. We love you the moost.
In 1993, when I was consumed by listening to Grunge, Alternative, and Indie Rock, I was struck by the fact that MTV Unplugged had hosted Tony Bennett and his piano trio. The fact that MTV was involved is what got me to buy the album. I was embarrassed at how much I loved the record. This was s...
Del Amitri . 070223 . Exit In
The Cure . 062723 . State Farm Arena
Wishing a Happy Birthday to this hot mama. Shes as sweet as they come and as fun as can be. Like a million wishes come true. Happy Birthday, @britmeadows
My family is at the show in Nashville tonight. My daughter surprised me with this bracelet. Lets do this, Nashville.
Easter summed up in 30 secs, by 4 year old Teddy. #happyeaster #thetube #funny #story #soundon
Where my 120 Minutes nerds at? This record still kills.
The last time I saw this band it was 1997. Trax in Charlottesville (RIP). I wasnt ready for the nostalgia of seeing one of my favorite bands. 10/10 night.
I can hardly believe (or handle) that my sweet Sophie turns TEN YEARS OLD today. You are the one who made me a father and changed my life forever. You are the sweetest, smartest, most amazing little girl I ever could have hoped for, and it should come as no surprise that I would pay an ungodly ...