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was looking for references for stuff to draw when i got distracted by all the variants of kids pencil cases they sell these days it was such a major throwback that this was born!normally i hate nostalgia but thinking about all these silly things that made simpler times so fun takes me back in a ...
some fun task planner apps i chanced upon while searching for a good one for myself summer break so far has meant that some days i wake up at noon only to pull up the sims 4 and then suddenly its time for dinner been trying to get more done lately! my fav one to use is still structured bc of ho...
relatively uneventful month but im glad i still have things to fill this with thinking of combining all these at the end of the year! maybe into a zine? ill see if i can stick to doing these
supposedly drawing things u want is supposed to help u let go of wanting to possess them! i am too unemployed to justify getting any of these admittedly frivolous things so pls enjoy these while i attempt to de-influence myself from getting them (having an extensive pinterest board for ur wish li...
i only ever use flashcards to study these days! @anki_pro is pretty neat and its free to use i also like that you can use it both on phone and on web if you try it out let me know how it works for you!
getting new apple products is a huge affair in my household like since my dad got the first iphone of the house weve filmed every unboxing LOL and best believe i hoard all the boxes (they r just so fancy u know )so it feels super surreal to be unboxing the new ipad air!! i got the purple one and ...
obsessed w habit-tracking apps rn bc having them as widgets so u can see them all the time is so useful all free ofc! but sorry for the android user discrimination i didnt realise how many of these werent on the google play store until i was making these
i got a wax seal kit! about to hand write some letters to justify all this seal-making
the result of buying too many beads in my pre-eras tour haze + hearing too many pickpocket horror stories before going to europe
was app hunting the other day and found these gems too cute!! theyre good for journalling on the go which im starting to heavily consider now that my journal is becoming chock-full with washi tape and train tickets and receiptify print-outs lol
been wanting to try this for the longest time bc my uni had all the equipment! so i made a bunch of these as gifts but this was actually so hard n for what took some years off my life and some skin off my fingers bc skiving leather is no joke also the amount of hammering this required u would b...
photo dump from hols! my parents have been wanting to clear their bucket list places for the longest time and im j grateful i got to go along took looooots of pictures and even though i averaged like fifteen thousand steps a day im p sure i still put on weight ive suddenly found myself to be ver...