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Hopefully you have more in your fridge than Flynn does to snack on while watching #SkylandersAcademy, now streaming on @Netflix! @paddywarbucks
Are two heads better than one? Ask Carl. #SkylandersAcademy is now streaming on @netflix!
Hope your day is going better than Master Eons! #SkylandersAcademy is now streaming on @netflix!
Horrible book, great Netflix binge! #SkylandersAcademy is now streaming on @Netflix! @paddywarbucks
Tunnel collapsed? Stay in and binge #SkylandersAcademy, now streaming on @Netflix! @paddywarbucks
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Don't leave now! Only 3 more days until #SkylandersAcademy Season 3 is on @netflix
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Meet the Skylands' biggest and baddest villain, Strykore! Will the Skylanders be able to stop him? Find out on September 28 on Netflix!