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3 Ingredient Fluffy & Healthy Pancakes These are so easy to make on school mornings and are a perfectly balanced whole food. Top with nut butter, anti-oxidant blueberries, hemp hearts for a truly nourishing meal to start your day. Ingredients: Eggs, oats, cottage cheese Comment pancakes below ...
Content Warning-end of video Nasty parasites I passed during my first two water fasts. Brain fog, cravings, extreme tiredness all gone..Al has been fasting every 3 months for the last year and is down 75 lbs and healed a heart issue, cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid, sleep apnea, and acid re...
I think its time to re-introduce myself Meanwhile serving some looks out of gym wear .1. 43 yrs young, momma to my 2 tweens, wifey, sister (x5) & friend.2. Ive helped 1000s of women and men transform their lifestyles and bodies over the past 10 years as a nutrition and fitness coach. I dont bel...
From glowing skin to lucious hair to healing IBS and other digestive disorders this bone broth is truly a must have on your healing journey.This recipe you can add what you have and skip what you dont. You really cant mess it up. Toss it all in the crock pot and let it simmer for 48 hrs. Enjoy!I ...
Part 1: India: A sacred journey of honoring my fathers legacy, reconnecting with my roots, and finding solace in the embrace of my ancestors. Indias embrace heals the soul #SacredPilgrimage #AncestralBlessings. by @gdktb64
Lost in the echoes of memories, I wander through the places we once roamed together, searching for fragments of you in every corner of the world.In the vast expanse of mountain peaks, the gentle embrace of ocean waves, and the winding trails we tread, I find solace in the echoes of our bond.Yet, ...
Once upon a time I Unbuttered your Butter Chicken. Today Im Unfrying your Puris #nooilcooking #healthyfoods #skinnyrotiRecipe:~2 cups whole wheat flour~1.5 cups yogurt (curd)~Water (as needed to form dough)~Pinch of saltDirections:1. Prepare dough by mixing the flour, yogurt and salt. Add water ...
3 Ingredient Raspberry Popsicles Must try, I promise High protein sweet tooth satisfaction and a perfect cold treat on hot summer days #skinnyroti #skinnyrotirecipe .Ingredients:1 cup raspberries 1 cup Greek Yogurt or vegan use coconut yogurt2 tablespoons maple syrup 1 or 2 scoops vanilla prot...
Learning to find joy in the story I am living -only in the past and future does suffering exist. In this moment right now, we are living, and that is lifes greatest blessing #skinnyroti #mindbodysoul #yoga.......#yogi #yogisofinstagram #yogalife #yogapractice #yogainspiration #sadhguru #inneren...
Happiest of birthdays @gorgeous_dad.53 never looked so good Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband and incredible father! #skinnyroti #happybirthday
The purpose is not to control the mind, but to liberate it #internationaldayofyoga .Teaching my children about consciousness and blissful living is my duty as a parent #innerengineering.....#mentalhealth #conciousparenting #conciousliving #childhoodunplugged #monkeyseemonkeydo #yoga #yogalife #y...
Harmful ingredients in your food that you should know about But youd actually have to be a chemical engineer to read most food labels these days to know exactly what youre eating. Thats why I love the Yuka app (not an ad) for all my food and cosmetic products. #holisticthursday . Biggest takea...