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You wanna know whats crazy? Next month will mark 12 YEARS since I started Simply Real Health.Back when I was going through a time in my life when I needed a win. When I was tired trying to follow the rules or fit the mold for a certain job. .I was mid 20s, living back in my parents house, post co...
Oooops So, Im a little behind on officially posting these episodes!! Hopefully youve caught them in my stories every week! .But I know yall want a place to ask any follow up questions or comments too after you listen .So here you go! THE LATEST PODCAST EPISODES:.Ep. 37: The New Year Intention S...
SHOCKING statement, to most people, when I admit it:.I like cooking. But its NOT my #1 love or passion in life. .True, before kids I loved it even more (free time!). .With kids, it becomes so necessary. .I can see how some people think of it as a chore. But honestly, that mentality doesnt really ...
IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOURE TOO BUSY TO COOK DINNER (a lot of nights out of the month) heres the thing: .You have to learn how to work SMARTER, NOT HARDER. .HERES HOW:.1. Have the *RIGHT* KIND OF RECIPES ready: easy ones, healthy ones, and ones that make it SIMPLE on YOU. Literally designed to be the ...
OK RAISE YOUR HAND if some nights youre just too tired to cook? Or too burnt out to even THINK of what to make after a long day? Or week .It happens to all of us..But - heres the TRUTH also: it doesnt need to mean a healthy dinner is out the window too. . In fact, its on those days that we often ...
MISSED YESTERDAYS LIVE COOKING CLASS? Its not too late! Weve got the replay ready .COME WATCH & LEARN . And grab these 3 DELICIOUS, HEALTHY & EASY recipes & the matching shopping list too!). All sent to you! .Its free. Just leave a comment below with the word CLASS & get immediate access to the ...
UNPOPULAR OPINION: Eating healthy doesnt have to be complicated. .Its actually very easy when you know the definition of REAL FOOD. .It opens up sooooo many options (& and so many quick and easy ones). .But its also about having the right kind of EASY, SIMPLE, REAL-FOOD, NOURISHING, DELICIOUS & ...
What are some of yours? .#intentions #2024intentions #newyear #invsout
5 Healthy & Delicious Winter Salads you need in your life this season! .Promise.. theyre so good and will give you such an inspiring boost in the kitchen this winter. . Get all 6 recipes for FREE! .Just COMMENT below or sending me a DM with the words Winter Salads and Ill send the recipes right ...
Its a little different than how most people start the year, but Ive found it to be so helpful. .The point: make this time of year what your body and life is actually needing. ..It took me a while to come around to it but following the beautiful rhythm of the seasons really embracing each season f...
Holding on to little sparks of hope & light & joy .Ill be taking some time off here for a bit (as I talked about in the latest podcast episode thats up, on how I like to wrap up the year). .I hope you do the same if it feels rejuvenating, peaceful or restful. And gives you some extra space and t...
GF ORANGE-CRANBERRY MUFFINS new recipe this week ita the *perfect* holiday week recipe .This is the 3rd full batch of these in two weeks to disappear, which should tell you everything you need to know .(And instead of cooking assistant, I think Im going to change it to eating assistant ). Baking...