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That you are not aloneI am here with youThough youre far awayI am here to stayBut you are not aloneI am here with youThough were far apartYoure always in my heartBut you are not aloneFrom You Are Not AloneSong by Michael JacksonLyrics by R. Kelly#kinorecommends #youarenotalone #yourenotalone #lon...
My story in 10 slides...Thank you for seeing me Remember, we don't get points in life for the shitty things we go through, we only get credit for the grace with which we do life despite the shitty things we go through. Choose to thrive, not to shrink. #WomenConnecting#SisterhoodStrong#EmpoweredCo...
The GREATEST leader I ever met: #QuincyJones and what we can all learn from him. In the last week, Netflix's The Greatest Night in Pop dropped on the streaming service. The documentary tracks the logistics behind the creation of the single We Are The World to raise funds for famine relief in Ethi...
You can't talk about loneliness for a living and not try and solve it!Last Sunday I hosted my first in-person connection event in Singapore for 2024. We used my 5 Types of Connection material from Chapter 2 of my book to self-reflect and do an inventory of our human connections to date. Our next...
Too Short, Too Fat, Too Asian with Loneliness Expert @simoneheng From the Infinite Receiving Podcast, Link in bio Faith + Action = Miracles
Late last night Singapore time I had the pleasure of speaking for the @londonbusinessforum.The session was titled Leading Humans: The Power of Connection with Simone Heng.Previous LBF speakers have included the late Sir Ken Robinson, Amy Edmondson and my amazing friend Simon Lancaster.My favourit...
The best human connection story to happen to me recently. My 18 year reunion with my modelling buddy (swipe to watch).In 2006 I shot a nationwide @sunsilkph campaign with 2 amazing women. We shot 2 commercials where the entire set was constructed. A complete wedding and nightclub was built for t...
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!It's been 6 months TODAY since my book Let's Talk About Loneliness has been out!SWIPE for the most heartwarming reviews of this piece of my heart. Here's a bit about it, if you're new here:Weve spent the last few years growing further and further away from each other due to lo...
THIS is the power of REPRESENTATION...At work, in the media and in life.Today my Barbie arrived. A doll my friend discovered on Amazon and made by Mattel that looked exactly like me. I wonder how my career path would have changed if this had been around 35 years ago, when I was a 5 year old dream...
My REAL life human connection moments with YOU!In the park, on the street, at the cinema and even at the Candlelight Concert.Thank you so much, Chris for saying hello. I get lonely too. This weekend we are all getting together!Sunday at 2pm at The Projector. If you're looking for warm human conn...
Solid work ethic! Luck! and a little talent! That's the recipe!Beautiful message from one of our guests coming to our event this weekend (swipe to see our last SOLD OUT connection event).This is the type of person in my community. Because I share openly, am non-competitive and work my butt off, I...
Humans connecting!Over the weekend it was Art Week in Singapore and it was the most social I have been for a while.I've been focussing on getting clarity and healing myself before plunging into 2024 and boy was this a plunge. Back to back events!Amazing and inspiring work which allowed me to conn...