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Dedicated to all the lovely ladies and dashing gents of the silent era with a sprinkle of early stage actresses and Ziegfeld girls
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On Saturday, while It Is Well with My Soul played, my papaw passed away surrounded by me and my family. My papaw was without a doubt the greatest man I have ever known, and I am grateful beyond words that I was lucky enough to be one of his grandchildren. One of my favorite things to do was watch...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who donated and for the words of support. Im currently at the airport and will be flying out soon to be with my family. Thank you all again a million times over for your love and support. -J
Dorothy Gulliver #dorothygulliver
Mary Nolan #marynolan
Mildred Harris #mildredharris
Two legends - Rita Hayworth and Buster Keaton #ritahayworth #busterkeaton
Pretty, pretty pictures **Check out Claras autograph!**...1. Nita Naldi2. Louise Fazenda3. Clara Bow4. Mary Astor5. Pola Negri6. Constance Talmadge7. Billie Dove8. Eva Novak9. Fay Webb10. Madeline Hurlock11. Dolores Costello12. Wanda Hawley13. Margaret Morris14. Gloria Swanson15. May Allison #nit...
Barbara La Marr #barbaralamarr
The amazing looks served up by Marion Martin #marionmartin
Lili Damita #lilidamita
Bessie Love #bessielove
Alice White was just the cutest, wasnt she? She had such a perfect face for silent film! #alicewhite