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The bizarre process it took to get here was a lot of trial and error. Although my progress is slower than Im used to its still exactly that, progress. So Ill keep dialing in slowly since its working. Today my smart scale sent me a notification that I plateaud. I didnt even know a scale could tell...
I cant remember my last in home workout. Typically when coach is out I just work through my lunch breaks. I Finally feel like Im getting somewhere since I was able to push myself to get it done. There are days I dont want to train at all. Part of it is fatigue from pushing myself in all aspects o...
Welcome back I missed you! its been a wild ride this past year. Here we are! So much to be grateful and excited for! Theres a lot that goes on behind the scenes for athletes. This past year I gave my all to the business side of things and this year Im focused on bringing back some of the most im...
Excited to share a small piece of my story. Its incredible what God is capable of. Thank you @missionmindedtribe for being you and what youre doing! link in bio! @missionmindedtribe Listen on your favorite podcast platform!! @sierra2704 #HealthAndFitness #ajesusrevival #SportNutrition #WorkHard...
Screaming happy birthday to the legend himself @mikedaviesfitness Thanks for being one of the most impactful and important humans in my life! Youre stuck with me forever! Cheers to many more! #mdfu bodybuilding #bodypositive #thechampprogram #goals #HealthAndFitness #ProgressOverPerfection #Spor...
#olympia vibes #throwback Seeing all the Olympia winners this year gets me so inspired. Ive definitely taken the longest off season in my competing career but its been a nice break. Loved seeing the comebacks and some of the underdogs win this year! Congrats to all the competitors.. its not easy...
#makenewfriends -its underrated I used to be team #nonewfriends to avoid chaos and what I felt was time wasted. Who am I to divert Gods plans? We could be shutting people out with Gods messages for us. Grateful for new exciting projects with likeminded individuals! #TGIF
#HAPPYBIRTHDAY to this bombshell! One of the first friends I made when I moved to #columbus ! Treated my boo to @mattrife to give back some of the laughs shes given me over the years! If you havent seen a show yall are missing out! In honor of our friend song #thankyouforbeingafriend Cheers to ma...
Who dat? Never gets old #iykyk #mdfu #fitness #columbus #ootd
Good morning #fitfam abs are slowly making a comeback. Its been awhile since Ive seen definition. With all of the health crap ive battled the last two years, i feel like Im getting somewhere. I will say one of the biggest changes Ive noticed is I finally feel more balanced taking harmonize by @bl...
In honor of Arnold week here is a throwback from my favorite Arnold look! Whats funny is I decided 6 weeks prior I was going to do it and was in the worst shape from a calf tear! This is the possibility when you vibe with an incredible coach. 90% of it was mental. He made me believe it was possib...
We didnt show up for the fall or winter but were going to show up for spring @thechampprogram For the last year Ive had countless test done trying to determine why Ive been off, why Ive felt out of wack. Ive seen about five different doctors and complained Im just not the same. Everyone says my ...