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I mostly post about food and experiences from wherever I gostay
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I wear makeup to not look like a peeled potato. Otherwise I look like a peeled potato. This is proof HeheheI spent quite a lot of time thinking about how this was the same person who used to do a 10 step skincare routine at one point in time and make videos on the same.Now Im exhausted. Most of t...
Sunset breaks should be a thing. The one where you take a break, grab some tea, go to the nearest point from where the sunset is visible and just relax for a little before resuming your work.Where you live a little.But they clearly have to set all the meetings in the world between 5-7pm because w...
My apartment got flooded in July. My reaction out of trying to calm down my hysteric mind was to do a photoshoot. Sitting on a flooded floor. At 1 am. :).....#howtopose #posingtips #posingideas #posing #photoshoot #photoshootideas #posingforthecamera #reelsinstagram #creativity #poseideas #photop...
It doesnt make sense. Its not fair. .....#girls #females #memes #funnymemes #funny #relatable #comedy #travel #travelsick #tired #mood #life #viral #viralclips #videomemes #viralmemes #moments #viralreels #clips #viralclips #girlpower #gossip #females #aesthetic #podcast #interview
This deserves a special post because I DONT EVEN HAVE A MAID. Somebody elses maid shouldnt even be watering my plants. As I have instructed at least 5 times by now. Whyyyyyy though
Starting to understand that if you see pretty sunsets and dont take photos of it, youre probably a horrible human being.Be like Kanye.
Pic 1: My immediate joy after getting cookiesPic 2: When the guilt hits a moment later because I got too manyPic 3: But I still get to eat all of themPic 4: Ehehehehee :3
Oh good lord, Kotagiri was waaaayy too pretty. Chased sunsets and sunrises with really scenic views and stayed at this property with the most beautiful staff. Heart is full.Solo traveller Shrija will forever be a great run. But once in a while, its nice to travel cosy too. Just a reminder that th...
Any other random Saturday: No urgent mailsThe Saturday I decide to travel: 5000 urgent mails.What in the world why doss it happen to me??
Dive into the exquisite flavors with our artisan cheese board! Which delectable cheese would you savor first? On the board- Baby Swiss, Daddy Swiss, Pondy Orange, Fetta, Grana Chry, Bocconcini, Ricotta, Mascarpone.Accompanied by Capers, Black Garlic Spread, Smoked Caper Sofrito, Caperberry Mustar...
Todays conversation with a friend went like:Me: Why do your captions sound so mechanical.. its as if it has been written by a botPerson: Umm.. because they have been? Me *looking at them bewildered*: ChatGPT?Person: yes, I mean I just feed the caption and the algorithm translates it into somethi...
How you look at the screen when your boss tells you to get on a call at 8pm :)