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I just love being a mother
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Art changes everything Use my codeBRENDA45 for a 45% off prints @desenio (excluding personalized prints or canvas). Valid until midnight on May 20th
Im absolutely smitten with our charming 1850s home! Cant wait to put our personal touch on every corner.Amidst the chaos of unpacking for our family of 8, the magic of this place shines through. I am so ready to be done going through bins and boxes Let me know what youd like to see more of Also i...
Moments in the last few weeks that altered my brain: 1. Making it official 2. Wondering how we accumulated so much stuff! 3. Seeing my kids work hard and stay positive during this transition is so inspiring 4. Asking God to bless this space and praying that everyone who comes in will feel His pre...
After a year filled with prayers, plans, tears (so many tears), and dreams, the moment weve been waiting for is finally here! Its been a rollercoaster of emotions, times where it seemed like it was impossible to move forward but we serve a God who is faithful, He has honored our efforts and here ...
Weve been keeping a pretty big secret Can you guess what it could be!?Ill be sharing the exciting news Thursday at 3pm EST, so keep your eyes peeled *Family and close friends who already know please dont spill the beans yet Whats your speculation?#excitingnews #largefamilygoals #familianumerosa
Do you think its authentic?? If you love thrifting I want to know:Whats been your favorite find? I also got a Burberry tshirt for Ezra hes gonna be in designer clothes while Im over here wearing the same target leggings for the past five years #momlife #designerthrift #guccikids #thriftingmom #...
Adios 36 37 is here and shes If you could choose anyone from the past to celebrate your birthday with, who would it be?Id choose my dad since he hasnt been there for any of my birthdays and I think it would be nice to know what it feels like having him there. Feeling inmense gratitude for those...
Ten years ago I was at my worst! I was dealing with postpartum depression, we were struggling financially, Isaiah was working full time and going to school full time online. I had three under four with no support and no village. I felt so lost and alone. At 37, I can genuinely say I have it all. ...
Im not ok #brothers #newborn #bigbrother #motherhood #momlife #hermanos #hermanomayor #siblinglove #babybrother
411 61No wonder my neck is always sore Im constantly looking up Whats your height!?! #shortgirlproblems #chaparrita #chaparra #couples #relationshipgoals #parejasgoals #marriedlife
I have intense baby fever #husbandandwife #momlife #babyfever #largefamily #bigfamily #familianumerosa #momogsix #momof6 #marriedlife #parents