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We started our label @ezmny last year April. The first picture is the day we signed the papers. Crazy story I had saw @leonthomas in traffic during the pandemic it wasnt a lot of people outside. I rolled down my window and we had caught up for a few minutes. He called me the next day and said he ...
I know they praying I lose, but it aint gonna happen in this life.
Kanye changed his life, but Im still a old school Gemini.
Wed like to welcome @shawnbarron back!!! The president of @ezmny / @capitolmusic MAJOR EVENT ALERT Welcome to the largest Radio & Press event in the country!!! The L.O.U.D. Radio & Press Junket6 Performance activations 80+ National media outlets Major Radio Stations Networking Social Media A...
Artists should realize that any old song in their catalog is one innovative marketing campaign away from going crazy! The game doesnt end when you release, its actually just starting, and its played forever #musicmarketing #musicbusiness #musicindustry #musicpodcast #podcastclips
Bring a play or stay away! @atlnano
We sat down with Shawn Barron (former A&R with Atlantic/Motown/Capitol) who recently started a label with @tydollasign called EZMNY and discussed his secret MySpace hack, the current lack of artist development in the industry, the concept of an industry plant, and more!Full interview out now
EZ via @billboard @tydollasign @motownrecords @leonthomas
Grateful! From buying this magazine every month when I was younger to having 3 artist grace the cover, now me! Theres a lot of people on here whove done a lot for me and Im happy to be amongst them. Thanks @vsatten @xxl
Happy Mothers Day
This hurt me to the core. We watched football together, you cooked my favorite tuna fish, you took me too my first day of college orientation, you taught me how to play spades. We would play all night and the next morning I would wake me up at 7am to go to church lol. I also became a professional...