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Just noticed my bikini top was inside out wonder how that happenedgo tap to find out
Main character in my own world.. posting more of these to my spicy page!
Sending you some beautiful energy. It doesnt matter what time of the year it is everyday is the opportunity to choose kindness, gratitude and positivity! Does everyone feel positive all day every day? No but that cant stop us from trying to add more into our lives. Practicing kindness and gratitu...
No hard feelings if you keep scrolling but if youre curious here are some November thoughts. No ones life is perfect, we all have struggles even those who are happy. However many people express how much they hate their lives while others pretend they dont. They believe they are trapped by circum...
Have a beautiful Monday! Feeling thankful for 80s all week in Southern California. @drewdaileyimages @andi_bagus
Two times in one day Hope you have a beautiful day! @rlbphoto88 @andi_bagus
You are the only person standing in your way. If you dont like something change it. We are conditioned to be people pleasers, accept shit that isnt ours and go with the flow. F*ck that - embrace what makes you feel alive and pushes you to grow. @rlbphoto88 @andi_bagus
Grateful for this magical place and the opportunity to thrive within it Sending you positive vibes and happy thoughts for your Friday and weekend ahead. Hope you take a moment to appreciate something beautiful today. @drewdaileyimages
Double trouble Had so much fun hosting @thesapphirepool w/ @misslynniemarie @coffeeandcleavage Drop a topic or question youd love to hear on our podcast!
Hosting @thesapphirepool w/ @misslynniemarie Friday August 4th in Las Vegas Cant wait to play in pool Will you be in Vegas? Hope to see you there!
So grateful for this magical place I call home. Some will be quick to point out the things they dont like before appreciating the things they do. Take an extra moment to soak it in. Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July @drewdaileyimages
Wishing you a day filled with radiant positivity and an abundance of good vibes Allowing my gratitude from the weekend to spill into my week. Everyday is another opportunity for growth. @rlbphoto88 Comment anything you are grateful for