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***$15K Finders Reward***.(Zillow LINK IN BIO) Im reluctantly putting my paradise Florida isle on the marketto be honest I wont be upset at all if it doesnt sell, Im absolutely in love with it. Ive been excited to build on it for awhile now, as I just finalized my custom build plans for itbut I d...
Family, friends, loved ones, and followersif there was ever one message I could leave the world with my small platform before I go, this short, simple video would be it.What good is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? ~ Mark 8:36.Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, ...
This one hit hard. If youre in the community (or not) and youre in or around the Arlington area, please come and show Joes two boys (Cody & Wyatt) how fiercely respected and loved Joe wasthis is the only reason why his wife decided to go forth with a funeral at all. Its important those boys know ...
Ever have one of those nights when ya just gotta jump in the whip , put the windows down, put your music on, and take a cruise through your city? Funny to think Ive actually jumped out of more of these than Ive landed in so farA good afternoon for a cruise
I was planning to keep this relatively close-hold, but when you have a homely lookin, big-mouthed ogre for a sister, these things tend to leak out. Go follow her btw, shes doing big things for our countrys citizens: @hannah_4freedom . I figured Id express my immense gratitude of yalls love and co...
Yesterday I spent the majority of the day on three group chats with men who I previously served with in the US military/special operations, intelligence community, law enforcement, and government contracting, regarding the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, and how so many of our friends, interp...
A piece of me has always wanted to focus solely on our country and its citizens, to stay out of war, but the global aspect of my humanity prompted action. I have nearly 2.5 years of my life in Afghanistan over multiple deployments, nine brothers lost, 26 friends who are amputees, four friends who...
Come see/meet your boy in Tampa today till the 20th! Im by FAR the least impressive person on this list of patriots who will be therean incredible line-up of folks whove taken on the mob in order to promote our freedoms. It wont disappoint. @turningpointusa @tpusaevents
Nothin quite like some kisses and nibbles from future kings and queens These cubs (from the first two vids) were rescued after their mother was believed to have been killed by a venomous snake bite, most likely a black mamba. Though nothing will replace their mamas care, theyre in good hands now ...
The face you make when youre sick of privileged court jesters disrespecting the flag, anthem, and country which afforded them the liberties to be so willfully ignorantpaved and provided by the blood and *actual* bravery of our countrymen to ensure those freedoms, by fighting real oppression and r...
A rare sighting of a Canadian bald eagle #expertornithologist
Lazy daze didnt capture any photos of the manatees this time, aside from the one in my kayak #homesweethome #floridaboy