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Oxford Pennant is a designer manufacturer of wool felt pennants flags and banners Celebrate Everything
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Which is your favorite? Here are a few of the wood pieces we added to the shop today. More to come!
One does not surrender a life in an instant. That which is lifelong can only be surrendered in a lifetime. Elisabeth ElliotEven though realization of weakness isnt comfortable and dying to self can be painful, it can also be the happiest place to be when we know we are falling into the strong and...
This verse encouraged me today. No matter what our lives look like day to day, we know its all on purpose as our wise Father does the good work in our hearts that He began and is planning to complete at the day of Christ Jesus. None of its by chance or pointless. Makes things like busy days, base...
This past week has been a little wild - the laser engraver not working, more changes with my job, toddler temper tantrums to diffuse, a leak in the basement, among other things. But Carly and I have been reflecting on how faithful God has proven Himself to be over and over again, specifically sho...
UPDATE: Congrats @mrshemp360 @growingupgrossi @amazinggrace03 @reneenicoleyoung @bekahmcfarland @drewmcfarland - Youre the winners of the giveaway! Send us a direct message to confirm the color youd like as well as your shipping address and well get these prints mailed out to you! PRINT GIVEAW...
The Christian life, though filled with the deepest joy, is also really hard. And some seasons bring that awareness more than others and its easy to think, like it says in 1 Peter 4, that something strange is happening. The world and our own flesh tell us to run from difficulty and discomfort, but...
Leather banners. Yes or no?This is something weve had in the shop on and off over the years, but the tricky thing is its a bigger piece of real leather and real full grain leather has real markings on it - the marks and scars from its lifetime. Some people like that and some people dont, so weve ...
Back by popular demand, the Humility Comes Before Honor banner and Lead a Quiet Life pennant are now available for pre-order. Both are handmade in Buffalo, NY by the great folks @oxfordpennant. We will have a limited quantity available of each so pre-order now if youve been on the waitlist!
Watch until the end to see sketch to ink to digital of my design for Romans 8:31 - God Is For Us. Lock screen and coloring page downloads available on our website on the Treasure The Word page.God proves that he is for us, by having justified us. All the people of God are wrapped about with the ...
Having a small family business means getting to teach your kids new skills and see them come alongside your craft. Its also a fun extra-curricular activity when you homeschool. #leatherkeychain #smallfamilybusiness #christianartist #bibleart #homeschooling
Taking my hand drawn design of Psalm 1:3 from a sketchbook and laser engraving it onto a live-edge piece of wood to hang on the wall. This year Im trying to get better at posting more videos and my daughter Eden helped with filming this one.So let me know what type of content youd like to see:~ D...
This is one of my oldest designs, but the verse is one of my favorite reminders. As we begin another year, its an encouragement to me to be faithful in lifes daily tasks and routines, to live with gratitude and humility, and to love God and others whole-heartedly. These are some of my prayers for...