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Were delighted to extend our partnership with @Spursofficial to now support @SpursWomen as Official Performance Solutions Partner. Well be providing the team with a range of science-backed products to fuel performance, and enhance recovery.Good luck to the team in their Womens FA Cup Semi-Final t...
Fuel your way to the finish line With any fuelling strategy, make sure it's been tried and tested before the big day. You want to avoid testing anything new on race day.Performing on race day starts before the starting line with a strong fuelling strategy.24-48 Hours Pre-Race Fill up your muscle ...
Pop, drop, fizz, drink Hydro is packed with electrolytes including sodium, potassium and magnesium to help your body maintain fluid balance during exercise.When to take your hydro tablets? 3-4 hours prior to your event During exercise of a shorter length where carbohydrate intake is not necessary...
The week before your big race, whether that is a half or full marathon or even an ultra, should be a time where you're at reduced mileage, a practice known as tapering. This is an essential part of race preparation, helping your body recover and be in optimal condition. Here are 5 tips to think a...
How does the refreshed REGO recovery range bolster your weekly training routine?All available now, exclusively on #fuelledbyscience
If I could rewind 20 years, the single biggest change I would make would be to my nutrition & fuelling and body weight.It has never been easier to fuel sufficiently and to understand just how much we need before, during and after training. But it wasn't always this way.Through personal experience...
A recovery solution for every athlete.#REGORefreshed #fuelledbyscience
All new REGO Whey Protein A delicious, easy-to-mix everyday protein powder, designed to support muscle growth and maintenance after shorter bursts of exercise. Containing 22g of high-quality Whey protein and a complete amino acid profile with the inclusion of 2.8g L-leucine per serving, REGO Whey...
The REGO Rapid Recovery you know and love, improved.Used by Commonwealth 10,000m champion Eilish McColgan, REGO Rapid Recovery is scientifically designed to help your body to be ready to go again and again, with 22g of carbohydrate to replenish glycogen stores and 21g of vegan-friendly protein to...
From design to reality: Check out the journey of a 2024 Grenadiers water bottle #INEOSGrenadiers #EliteCycling #EliteFlyTeam
A clear way to hit a refreshing recovery, available in two delicious fruity flavoursREGO Clear is best taken within 30 minutes post-exercise, with 20g of clear Whey Protein and 21g of carbohydrate to help you refuel and repair your body so youre ready to go again and again.Are you team Peach or R...
SiS REGO Recovery range, refreshed.Headlined by REGO Clear Recovery, containing 20g of clear whey protein and 21g of carbohydrate to repair and refuel post-session, the REGO range has been refreshed to provide a recovery solution for every athlete.Additionally, discover REGO Whey Protein to suppo...