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101st Airborne Division member sits in front of a destroyed building after capturing an Iraqi Republican Guards compound following an overnight battle. April 2003
If you think things cant get worse, you simply lack imagination.
This is my needle. There are many like it, but this one is mine...
If you heard the shot, it wasnt for you.
Suffer now or suffer later.
EDC Belts are Live.We made some upgrades since last time since you guys put them through the wringer. - Improved buckle mechanism - Reinforced polymer core- Heavy duty fabric- 3/16 thickness
75th Ranger Regiment reenacts the climb of the 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions made on D-Day at Pointe Du Hoc, France on June 6, 1944
The more you know, the less you need.
We don't need any more artisan cafes or mindful yoga studios.
Letter from the CEO
People dont want their lives fixed. Nobody wants their problems solved. Their dramas. Their distractions. Their stories resolved. Their messes cleaned up. Because what would they have left? Just the big scary unknown.- Palahniuk
Joseph F. Ambrose, an 86 year old WWI veteran attending the dedication day parade for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., on November 13, 1982. he is carrying the American flag that covered the casket of his son who died in the Korean war.